Saturday, September 12, 2015

Who's There?

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Alma Who?
Almast Finished.
Doors mean progress.
Even the pavilion has doors.
You know what all these doors mean, right?
No more peeking in.
Fortunately, I can still admire the flowers.
The grounds have lots of flowers.
You'd never know what my favorite is.
The lintel stone now has a sign to its left.
My faithful camera zoomed in.  Click once to read the words.
New benches are making themselves comfortable on the temple grounds.
This will be the best place to watch the sun rise.
The morning sun can be seen through some of the windows, too.
A lone painter worked on the steeple deck.  No word on the railing.
Moroni wasn't talking.
Iron railings are at every doorway, though.
And the west entrance.
In every direction.
All I see is progress.


Easy_Going_Dad said...

Speaking of progress, I can see more activity on the steeple deck. Saturday some sort of substrate got laid down around the perimeter, and this morning there's some kind of frame and a trash can up there along with a worker. I think the railing is coming. Finally! I've refused to go take artistic photos of the building until the railing is up. I can crop and photoshop construction work out of the picture all day long, but without the railing on the steeple, the photo would not be fully representing the finished exterior look of the temple.

Julie Markham said...

A painter was on the deck Saturday. The guy today is definitely not a painter. I think we can be hopeful.