Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Date!

The open house and dedication were officially announced today.
A seven-week open house will be held January 15th through March 5th.
The dedication will be March 20th.
We've waited a long time for this news.
There is progress every day.
The pavilion is looking very trim.
It will be all trimmed by Christmas.
The marriage waiting room is not as large as it is in some temples.
The pavilion will be a beautiful place for families to wait.
In the meantime, more dirt arrived today.
Since I'm waiting for sod, dirt deliveries are important.
A few holes are starting to level out.
Large areas are being prepared.
Spaces for flower beds are being delineated.
There will be many beds for flowers.
There is still plenty of work to do.
Maybe snow will cover the grass during the open house.
Quartzitic sandstone continues to arrive.  Masons use the temporary workshops.
The east side still needs its skirt.
The stone almost surrounds the temple.
I keep studying the north stairs.
I was happy to spy a door jamb this afternoon.
More parts of this jamb are inside.
Workmen have told me there are murals on some interior walls.
No one has seen any oxen yet.
There still a lot of work to do.
But now we know how long we have to wait.


Chad said...

All the news releases today say "Provo City Center Temple" without the word "Utah." Have the stones for the monument signes gone back up? I wonder if they dropped "Utah" from the marker.

Julie Markham said...

No stones have returned yet. I'm told Utah is not part of the official name.

Katshrnk said...

Love the pic of the temple reflection! I'm so happy we have a date!

Easy_Going_Dad said...

I'm looking at the crate next to the circular planter on the construction cam. Something wrapped in black, and it look kind of bowl shaped. Could it be the urn centerpiece for the planter? I'm guessing the pipe coming out of the planter is for a watering system for the flowers planted in the urn, if that's really what's going in the center.

Julie Markham said...

I've been watching that, too. I hope you are right. When it's unwrapped, I'll make haste to the site and see if my camera can determine what it is.

Lillian said...

Thanks for the post (as always) and for the news about the open house! I've been wondering when it will be and really hope I can make it!