Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Copper, New Sign

I returned to a perch I have used before, but not for a long time.
The courthouse stairs have been under repair for about a year, but they looked inviting this morning.
The grounds are filled with beautiful flowers.
I love the morning sun on the new temple.
I was delighted to see the new sign again.
I am certain everyone is happy with the wording this time around.
Copper on the pavilion roof is gorgeous.
The fountain hasn't changed much, fortunately.
I was able to capture an interesting photo of the fountain from my perch.
Masons are completing the watercourse around the temple.  You can see stone being placed on the left side of the southeast stairs.  Notice the space left open for the cornerstone on the right.
I am not sure how the stairs on the east side will be finished, so I keep watching.
This white fence post was moved into its permanent spot last week, indicating that the north lot doesn't need any more dirt deliveries.
I love the stone around the north stairs.
Workmen continue to perfect the installation of the jamb in this doorway.
There will come a point when all traces of the fire will be completely obscured.
There might also come a time when I can no longer peek in and behind things.
I'll be ok with that.
Work progresses on the forms for the new walk along University Avenue.
I am doing my best to keep an eye on the urn for the north planter.
Its base is being perfected, also.
I did spy a carpenter in the northwest tower doorway.
Little by little, they are making progress.
Little by little, we are all being patient.


Easy_Going_Dad said...

That copper roofing looks fantastic. It will look so amazing once it gets a patina on it.

Katshrnk said...

Excellent! Can't wait to see in person, but these pics will do for now.