Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Spy

I found a new place to see the temple.
A construction fence, which used to run next to the wall on the left, is gone.
The views on the west side were beautiful this morning..
My camera was able to peek under the fence near the post office.  I was happy to be able to check the progress of the south entrance.
Access to this west side view has been blocked for a long time.
I was happy to see the watercourse along the southwest corner.
I looked at the fountain and wondered if that tent was in the basin.
I think it is.  Masons are lining the fountain basin with sandstone.
The pavilion showed off new adornments.
This took me by surprise.
I'm no longer the only one who can spy on things.
But look at the new pillars.
No one will ever notice the security camera.
Men were working on the new sign on the east side.
The mason had washed off some dust.  It looks a little too late to see if the stone is level.
But it is.
It was hard to miss the cement truck.
The walk now reaches to First South.
My camera spied something interesting.
I love the beehives.
Two were ready to be placed this morning.
These are made from quartzitic sandstone.  This one temporarily rests on a geofoam base.
The tabernacle had beehives at the tower entrances.
This photo was taken by Eva Bingham Persson shortly before the fire.
I tried hard to see the work on the north side this morning.
Men have worked from this lift all week.  
This man's tool was a brush.
He is touching up the brick.
The door jamb at the north stairs has received a lot of attention.
Workmen have pulled it in and out to perfect its position.
With great skill and precision they have it set at the correct height.
A new base for the Victorian urn was poured this week.
The urn, which reportedly will remind us of the fountain, remains covered nearby.
Other areas were easier to see, such as this corner of the south lot, which is being prepared for sod.
My new mantra:  almost.


Easy_Going_Dad said...

I was hoping to see more copper roofing, but I'll take columns and brackets over that. ;-)

Julie Markham said...

I don't know what to say about the copper, but yes, I was very happy to see the columns and brackets.

Katshrnk said...

Boy! They are really working fast. It looks fantastic. I won't know the place when I get home. 😀

Julie Markham said...

At least you'll be home in time for the open house!

Juliana said...

Love the perspective through the circle in the fencing!