Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Moroni In The Sun

I wanted to see Moroni in the sunlight today.  I had to go between snowstorms.
Traffic was slow during the evening rush hour, giving me the opportunity to watch him for several blocks.
I wondered if I'd see Mr. Crane being dismantled.  Not yet.
But the guy who's going to do it has arrived.
How many pictures do you want to see of Moroni?
I took quite a few.  With the scaffolding down, the steeple is very interesting.
There seem to be a lot of windows involved in its base.
The copper ridges on the steeple reflect the sunlight, too.
It was hard not to notice a spike coming out of Moroni's head.
Andrew Gibson sent me a picture from Monday afternoon showing the workmen putting sealant around the lightning rod after Moroni was placed.
There were many good places from where I could see Moroni this afternoon.
Cables are now being placed over the labyrinth area at the south entrance.
The rebar was there Monday, but I was pretty sure no one would be interested in rebar then.
Stairs come up out of this area, but I'm not sure how they will work the forms around them.  Notice the one-sided forms for the west wall going up.
Two red ladders assisted in the construction of the sixth column for the south entrance near the anterior room of the underground portion of the pavilion.
I walked to Second South to take a few pictures.  I could barely get through there on Monday because there were so many people at the site to see Moroni.  Today, I was alone.
A front end loader and Mr. Dashing Track Hoe were preparing the south lot for more drains and concrete.
I believe these forms came from underneath the west lot now that the concrete there has cured.
I couldn't see any evidence that work on the brick has started on the west side, but the roof over the northwest tower is being covered with a water and ice barrier.
Forms are growing over the mechanical building on the north edge of the west lot.  Some of these were also in place on Monday, but again, I didn't think anyone cared that day.
I've been watching for blossoms for several weeks.  These showed up today despite the snow!


JayBingham said...

Just awesome to see Moroni atop the temple out from behind bars. It was exciting to see him go up but is was also a little disappointing to see him lowered into the scaffolding, it made him look like he was being put into prison. Now he has been set FREE again. Hooray. He looks so majestic there

Julie Markham said...

Not only did they free Moroni, but they freed the steeple, too!

Esperanza said...

The steeple is unexpectedly lovely. I look forward to seeing each of the towers come together to match. I am also happily surprised with the proportions now that Moroni is up. Some of the renderings left Moroni looking overbearing. I was afraid it would detract from the building, but he looks quite elegant.

Chad said...

What are the forms on the west side for? Is there another level to the parking structure? I thought the roof was pretty much at ground level.

Julie Markham said...

The forms against the west wall will support the roof of the garage. Forms are going up on the east side, too, but I didn't take pictures of that. Next visit I'll try to make this more clear.

Unknown said...

What kind of tiles did they use for the roof on the steeple? They look kind of like slate. Very lovely.

Julie Markham said...

Yes, slate. It came from the Northeast, New Hampshire or Vermont. Maybe someone who knows for sure will tell us.