Friday, April 25, 2014

Ground Level

With the white sheeting gone, I was able to see the tabernacle again today!
The brick looks nice, really nice.
The pioneers worked in a lot of detail that we might have missed before.
Special attention has been given to all the arches.  This doorway on the north side will not be an entrance to the temple.  A chapel will be behind this wall housing the original pulpit from the tabernacle.
There is still brickwork to be done on this side.
When the stones in that arch are finished, it will look like this one.
There are many different arches.
In addition to the brick, the ground on this north side was getting attention, too.
Perhaps you noticed from the construction cam that another waterproofing layer is going down.  The gray area in the lower left hand corner is the ledge below the cam.  The space being covered is large.  To me it looks as though it's the whole area above the underground annex.
The wooden sign says, "Use Other Door."  I'm not exactly sure which door that would be.
I've been told there will be a styrofoam layer on top of this, then dirt.
I incorrectly assumed that the red truck was part of the waterproofing project.  Nope.  It was blowing insulation inside the temple, a very good sign.  
It's taking me longer and longer each time I to go the site because there is so much to see.
For example, slate is now being installed on the northeast tower.
Concrete was poured on the south side this past Wednesday.
The temple is now at ground level on all four sides.
I'm guessing that all the tension cables were pulled yesterday.
The mystery of the stairwells is slowly unfolding.  I'll keep watching.
The workmen keep moving south.
It appears that the forms will stop at the anterior room of the pavilion.
The rebar is spreading south, too.  Can you tell the workmen are not walking on the ground?
They get around on the rebar as though this is a completely normal way to walk.
Not everyone is impressed.
Notice the semi on the right.
It's hard for me to grasp that there is actually enough room on that sidewalk for this truck, but there is.
The truck brings rebar within the reach of the crane.
There is now a wall along the border between the west lot and the post office.  This means there is no longer a reason for me to try to fit my camera between the barriers on this side.
This is a view of the west edge of the west lot, from the post office lot looking north.  The gap is being filled with gravel as it's waterproofed.
Being able to see the brick all the way around is exciting.
My camera was able to see the stairwell in the northwest tower today.
I took another look at the openings in the brick at the top of the west gable.
This picture from December shows that they have always been there.  Maybe someone can tell us what they were for.
I doubt they held hanging baskets for flowers...


Chad said...

Looking at old photos of the tabernacle, there is a large, wooden, decorative peice at the apex of each gable. I'm sure the holes were to secure this peice.

Brian said...

The rebar around the stairwells on the south side of the tabernacle are to pour forms to bring the top of the stairwell up to the actual ground level. If you look at pictures you have posted, you can still see plain concrete under the textured "foundation" of the tabernacle (That part of the tabernacle that looks like large beige bricks. All of that will be waterproofed and back filled with foam and dirt.

The forms around the stairwell will bring the wells up near that level, then some type of railing will be built around the whole, leaving a gap for the actual stairs.

Good to see you are still posting, I checked for an update everyday this week!

Julie Markham said...

Brian, thank you so much for your descriptive email! I understand much better, now. And of course I'm still posting. Sometimes my real life interferes with getting to the site as often as I want, although some people in my life might redefine what is actually the interference, but I'm committed to this to the very end.

Brian said...

I know that feeling! I don't have a 3d temple model to post this week, like I usually do, because I have been to busy this week. I actually kinda feel guilty about not having one ready!

Julie Markham said...

I assume my link at the top to your model will still be valid when you do get it ready, right? Make sure I know so I can embed the link in a post so we can all see it!

Brian said...

Oh, No, that link stays the same! I do a different temple every week. This week was supposed to be Freiberg Germany, but it's not ready yet!

I will probably do a new Provo City Center Video next year, when we get closer to dedication.