Monday, March 31, 2014

I Saw A Mighty Angel Fly

I arrived at the site about noon.  The skies were clear, but a storm was on its way.
Moroni came about 1 pm, casually, on a trailer.  Who knew?
He didn't enter the site completely assembled. A workman is holding the trumpet, still wrapped.
Moroni has a counterweight, a long pipe.  At the bottom of the heavy pipe are keys which have a matching connection inside the steeple which lock him in tight.  You are also seeing the grounding cable in case lightning strikes.
I am certain this is special epoxy for the trumpet.  A bolt was involved, too.
This Moroni is 13 feet tall and weighs 350 pounds.  Here's a link to more Moroni trivia.
These men were working under pressure.  I assure you, lots of observers.  By the time Moroni was lifted up, onlookers had packed the downtown streets, sidewalks and roofs.
My camera was delighted to spy this movie camera duct-taped to the crane block.  Mormon Newsroom posted pictures and the resulting movie is here.
James was the expert at the top of the steeple.  This was his second Moroni placement.
I saw a mighty angel fly;
To earth he bent his way,
A message bearing from on high
To cheer the sons of day.
Truth is the message which he bears,
The gospel's joyful sound,
To calm our doubts,
To chase our fears,
And make our joys abound.
He cries, and with a mighty voice;
Ye nations lend an ear.
And isles and continents rejoice; The great Redeemer's near.
He cries; let every ear attend, and thrones and empires all!
Fear God and make the Lord your friend,
The king, the Lord of all!


jamille said...

Thank you so much Julie!!! Thanks for all you have shared with us. I truly appreciate the time you spend on this blog! You have wonderfully captured an historic event. Thank you !!!!!!!

Rob said...

Julie, you bless a lot of lives and hearts through the fruits of all your work that you share here! Thank you!

JayBingham said...

Wonderful pictures. I love the closeups. We don't get to see him that close very often.

Unknown said...

I just can't stop coming back and looking at these pictures! So wonderful! Isn't Moroni gorgeous!!

Julie Markham said...

I agree, Moroni is gorgeous. I thought a picture of him in the sunlight would be nice to catch today, but it's snowing right now...

Jeanne said...

Thank you for those WONDERFUL pictures. I saw a story on KSL news on the Angel Moroni, but your pictures brought the event to life!
Thank you so much!