Friday, March 28, 2014

Steeple Is Waiting

I couldn't get to the site today until about 5.  I know it's frustrating when the construction cam is down for two days, but, whew, we didn't miss anything.
Mr. Crane's last day is Wednesday.  I'm going to miss him.
He has one major job to complete before he's off the clock.
My camera says the steeple is ready.
The globe Moroni stands on will fit on this copper puzzle piece.
Even late on a Friday afternoon, the men were still working.
Six pillars will line the underground entrance.  The forms have buried two; two more will soon be engulfed.  Green vertical rebar marks a 5th pillar and the sixth is out of view.  The oval puddle in the center of the photo is a space created for paving stones.  We've had some odd spring weather this week, including hail and snow, but the water will evaporate soon.
It's fun to watch forms and supports fill the labyrinth area.
It's much easier to visualize ground level now.
Forms are being built for the underground anterior room of the pavilion.
I wasn't expecting the work here to be so dramatic.
The entrance will be between these two windows.
The concrete pump poured more cement in the south area of the pavilion this afternoon.
The pump was leaving as I arrived.  The black crane worked right until 5.  The new RT 130 crane is now on the site.  He'll take over the work of the two big cranes soon.
I've had fun taking pictures of these two majestic cranes...
But we need to get used to progress.
Speaking of progress, members of the Provo South Stake manning the box told me that Moroni is arriving Tuesday morning.  Edit: A storm has moved the time to Monday about 2:30..
We'll be there!

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