Saturday, March 1, 2014

Break In The Rain

A break in the clouds enticed me to visit the site this morning.
I suspected after Tuesday's pour I might see evidence of the tension cables being pulled.
The first portion of this photo shows the area which was poured in late January.  The east-west cables were pulled a few days later, and then trimmed away.  On the right you can see the cables which I believe were pulled in the last day or two.  The concrete blanket has been moved away to provide access for the Jacobsen crews.
Blankets on the south side of the pour were moved so the men could pull the north-south cables, also.
The north half of the west lot roof is being prepared for waterproofing.  This entire area will eventually be covered with styrofoam and dirt before it is landscaped.
Forms are quickly spreading over the remainder of the west lot in preparation for another pour.
The open area in the lower right hand of this photo marks the underground driveway.
I was happy to see the underground entrance taking shape.  Patrons entering from this south side will be able to walk through the temple at this lower level to the annex on the north.
We watched the annex being built and then covered last summer.  It is underground on this north side of the temple.  It will house dressing rooms and a beautiful brides' area.
My camera caught something new in the lower window of the southeast tower, on the right.
Is this framework for the spiral staircase?  We saw newels placed in the towers last fall.
Work at a newly poured wall caught my attention.  The men were trying to remove a form, but it was stuck.  They brought in a red ladder to help.
Suddenly the form was freed and the crane lifted it away.  The windows you are seeing in the new wall will be part of a security office.
The north side of the temple is almost completely covered in plastic to enable the brick repair.
We can still watch the ongoing restoration on the east side.
Recent rains have washed away some of the dust from the mortar removal.
I don't understand what is going to happen with these niches. I will see what I can learn.
The actual tower windows will have art glass.
I hope we are able to watch this work as the men progress around the tabernacle.
Scaffolding has been placed at the base of the northwest tower.  It is for the west side.
In the not too distant future the west side will look like the east side.
For a Saturday, there was a lot to see,
Especially for those who don't mind a few clouds.

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Unknown said...

We've enjoyed watching the process via your blog. The birds are never absent from the project --- a beautiful combining of natural and architectural grace.