Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Chris visited the site for me today.  I think you remember Chris, my nephew with a good eye for pictures, and a much better camera than I have.
I have been waiting for signs that scaffolding for further work on the steeple was beginning, and maybe this is what we are seeing here.
I knew from the construction cam that the large crane visited the north lot again.
This was how Chris saw it.
The cam also showed that the concrete pump worked at the site for awhile this morning.
The pump was gone by the time Chris arrived, but the cranes were working hard.
Plumbers, electricians and men installing ducts for heating and cooling are working throughout the interior.
I asked Chris to be sure and let us see the work on the south side.
The workmen are still building the columns which will support the roof over the underground foyer.
The brick restoration continues on the north face.  The original mortar has been removed.  The new mortar will cure better if the surrounding temperatures are a little warmer.
The scaffolding around the northeast tower indicates the shingle installation is about to begin.
Chris is always able to see the tabernacle with a new perspective.
I have walked by the Nu Skin logo many times and have never thought to take a picture here.
Looking at the tabernacle in a new light is essential if we want to understand why all this work is being done.
Temples are about hope and love.


David said...

Oh where, oh where
Has my little temple gone?
Oh where, oh where can it be?

It is now almost completely covered with tarp! (at least on our viewing side)

Cute baby!!

Julie Markham said...

I'm hoping to get back to the site Monday and then we'll see where it's gone.