Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Early Birds

I went to the site early this morning to watch a concrete pour.
I was dismayed upon my arrival to see the pump preparing to leave.
To my amazement, two pumps had worked all night!
The second pump was parked at the roundabout on First West.
Cement trucks lined up on First South to keep him busy.
I will confess that I love watching concrete pours.
For one thing, the sounds are very different in the early morning hours than they are during the day.
Other workmen stayed busy, too.  This man was cutting forms over the generator room.
I know you are still curious about the work on the south side.  The yellow crane had moved there to be out of the way.
I was happy to spy a ladder at work inside.  We are seeing one of the catwalks behind him.
The crane was still sleeping.
The concrete pump poured parts of this wall on the north side of the west lot yesterday.
I promise to go back later this week during the day so we can watch the brick work.
At the rate the scaffolding is growing around the steeple, we can look forward to exciting work there, too.


Unknown said...

Will they be letting you know when the Angel Moroni is raised? If so will you be posting it here? I've never seen that and I'd love to be there for this one!
Also, thanks always for all of your work for this blog I come here all the time! :-)

Julie Markham said...

The steeple has to be completed before Angel Moroni can be placed. The goal is for that to happen March 28th. This will be a public event, and yes, I'll keep you informed on the blog. The date could change, but right now everyone is aiming for the 28th.