Monday, March 11, 2013

Garage Is Almost Demolished

My nephew Chris went to the site for me again today, although his pictures make that pretty obvious.
The NuSkin garage has been almost completely demolished.  The south end remained and can be seen in this wide shot made possible by Chris's nice camera.
So we don't have to squint, he took this photo from the south.
It's been a busy week for a lot of machinery.
Work on the new piers in the basement continues, which has some mysterious connection to these pools.
It appears that cement is coming from this area in the south lot.
Since the new piers are below the slab, I'm not sure what to look for.
But as long as men are working, I am certain stuff is happening.
If you can imagine, at some point everything we can see in the bottom half of this photo will be buried forever.
Chris told me he enjoyed himself.  That's because the tabernacle is such a wonderful photo op. 
He can make anything look good.
Can you see the mountains reflected in the NuSkin building?
I hope I don't need a better camera.
Hopefully I'm learning a lot studying his pictures.
Please, please notice the birds in this photo.


Betsy Hite Reddoch said...

This is so awesome! Thanks so much for documenting the construction. Even though I live right down the street I very rarely get the chance to get out to the site. This is perfect!

David said...

While your nephew does take good pictures, I really like it when you take them because you help us to know what is happening in the area. :) You're detail is invaluable! The pictures are only half of the experience. :)

Chad said...

I prefer your photos to Chris's, although they are excellent. Your photos communicate what is happening better, even if they aren't as artistic. (And 7 birds!)

Chelsea said...

I agree with Chad and David. Please don't discount how great your postings are!! Your descriptions are fantastic!!!