Friday, January 3, 2014

Take Your Husband To the Site Day

My engineer-husband came to the site with me today.  He doesn't come very often, so I was glad there was a lot to see.
We saw a new crane in the north lot moving equipment off a flatbed truck.  We couldn't identify the object he was lifting, but we could tell it was heavy.
Later we saw him unload this contraption, which is clearly an extension.
The black crane can't get much taller or else I won't be able to fit him in my pictures. Maybe the extension is for the new crane.
In the meantime, we saw the concrete pump finishing up after pouring a new slab in the south lot.  In case you are thinking it's not very efficient for the pump to fill the cement truck, I can only say that this is what happens at the end of a pour.
Even though I had no part in the planning, it was fun to see my husband mesmerized watching both large cranes work.
The white crane delivered decking to cover the last gap above the east gable.
We speculated about how much we would have to be paid to work this high in 32 degree weather, but it was academic.  Neither of us can carry the 60 pound tool belt.
Three gables now have decking over the rakes.
The north gable is half done, but other jobs are starting to take priority.
Perhaps you noticed the new plywood placed yesterday next to the temple.
That portion of the annex roof has a waterproof membrane.  The plywood is protecting it from the feet of the scaffolding necessary for the brick restoration, which is about to begin.
I tried to peek in the east side, but my view was blocked.
My camera zoomed in from the north, but there isn't much to see.
From the south, though, I spied these two ladders huddled together to stay warm.
Perhaps you noticed the boxes of sheathing ready to go on the roof.  Shingles will follow.
The roof of the underground parking on the west side is growing.
I managed to capture three cranes in this picture.  All four cranes were working today.
These forms are for a stairwell which will lead from the underground garage to the surface.
Rapid progress continues even in the cold weather.
However, Thursday morning, half of our city will be here for the grand opening of the first Chick-fil-A in Provo!

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Janelle said...

Yeah, you couldn't get me excited about working in those temps! Brrr! And, hooray for Chik Fil A