Thursday, June 27, 2013

Burning the Midnight Oil

Jacobsen crews have worked into the wee hours the last two weeks.  This morning a concrete pump arrived at the site at 3:30, greeted by crews who had worked all night.
The Lego men are working at night for several reasons -- 1: it's cooler than the 100 degrees it's been reaching during the day.  2: the crane isn't awake to boss them around.
This morning's pour filled part of the second lift on the south side.  (I'm pleased with my new construction vocabulary and feel a need to use it.)  The first level of the foundation appears to have been poured all the way around.  You can see the gap where the third lift will be.
Yesterday a concrete pump poured around the base of the annex elevator shaft.  Some of these photos were captured from the construction cam.
Another pump arrived this morning to continue filling the gully.  Notice the wooden form near the nose of the pump.  That's where the concrete stopped.  It will be easier for the Lego men to work in this area with concrete under their feet instead of dirt.
This exterior cement is not the same high quality as the concrete used in the foundation walls.  Junior Red Ladder found it to be a cool place to hide out of sight from Mommy Ladder.  Notice the horizontal rebar at the top of the elevator shaft.  This rebar is the same level as the north lot slab.
The concrete pillars are emerging from their plywood forms.
Mommy Ladder and I are both keeping a close eye on this opening in the north foundation wall, which ultimately will connect the north lot annex to the first level of the basement.  But attention today was focused on the south foundation forms.
The nose of the concrete pump can be seen on the right side of this picture.  I've tried to peek in to see what the Lego guys are building inside the basement, but it's too hard to look in anymore.  I'm sure they are working on the interior form walls.
Pours are really fun to watch.
 I'm not sure these workmen were having as good a time as I was.
Junior Front End Loader was having a blast, though, off in the south lot stirring up dirt and making lots of noise.
Daddy Track Hoe continues to work very hard.  Some times it appears his mountain of dirt is growing.
And then again, maybe it's not.
The level of the west lot is starting to even out with the south.  Last week we could see a path in the dirt showing the entrance, but this week the extra dirt is gone.  Perhaps you are wondering what all the white boxes are in this photo.  I hope I find someone to ask about this.
This machine puts tie-backs in place and is working where the Roberts Hotel foundation was.  Nicholson Engineering is almost finished securing the barrier walls.  Nicholson is currently working on another project which involves placing piers under a castle in Europe.  Yes, I'm trying to learn more.
Mr. Dashing Track Hoe gently dropped gravel in place in this far corner of the west lot.  Notice the framed north wall in this area.  The other side of the wall is the entrance to Nu Skin's underground garage from Center Street.
The two tower caps continue to receive attention, always a relief to see.  Notice the fence around the slump in the new slab on the west lot.
A green connecting pipe from the slump between the slab and the west porch can easily be seen in this picture.  This is part of the drainage system for the west side underground parking.
I noticed a new sign on the construction wall today.  A free 5K run is being organized for Pioneer Day
A 5K run between Provo's two temples -- what a great, new tradition!
I believe the tabernacle is enjoying all the attention. 


Mike Hugo said...

Wish I could be there for the 5K. Do you know which temple is the starting point?

Julie Markham said...

Only in Utah do you have to ask that question! Yes, the Provo Temple on 9th East is the starting point. Here is a link to a map:

Chad said...

It's so exciting to see that the temple will soon be on solid ground again. I wonder how the crew will celebrate when the last supporting beam is removed...

d2 said...

You are way too funny

I have been wondering how the temple will be fastened to the foundation? Did the rebar that was part of the interior shotcrete extend below grade ?

Julie Markham said...

I am also very interested in how the temple will be connected to the new foundation. I know it will be a big deal when the weight is transferred from the I-beams to the foundation and I hope to be there to see that. I don't believe the interior rebar behind the shotcrete is below grade, but my interior pictures were not as good as I wanted. I will watch this. Let's hope I get some answers.

David said...

It looks like the cement pools are replacing normal dirt as fill around the lowest basement. Any reason why they would choose cement instead of dirt? The obvious answer would be because it would provide a more sure foundation. Any other reason?

Julie Markham said...

I asked a workman about that very thing, and he said that this particular concrete mix was "cheaper than dirt." So I think your answer and this one are the keys. I have company this week, but I hope to get to the site during nap time Monday or Tuesday and get some pictures and see how high that concrete really is.

David said...

Cheaper and stronger. You can't argue with that!

Julie Markham said...

I assume you are watching another pour this morning. This is cool. I'm crossing my fingers for a good nap time this afternoon so I can get to the site for some pictures.

David said...

Yes! It looks as though they are bringing it level (or close to level) with the current top of the elevator shaft. Fascinating.