Thursday, June 13, 2013

Aerial Views On A Hot Day

After an hour of taking pictures from my normal spots, I was unexpectedly invited up to the 9th floor of the Nu Skin building.  "Do you have time?" the man asked.  Funny guy.  If this looks like a view from the construction cam, that's because I was next to it.  Please notice Mr. Track Hoe in the south lot, digging away.  Also notice the work around the annex elevator shaft at the northeast corner.  Remember that everything below the orange mesh at the base of the brick will eventually be underground.
I started my afternoon stroll at the entrance and was surprised to see how much progress has been made on the underground garage in the last two days.
Aaron, wearing an Okland hard hat, took this picture for me.  Since he is working on the Nu Skin expansion, his first shot was of the campus.  I am often asked about the silver tube on top of the addition on the left.  It's a mechanical area, housing all the heating, cooling and other support units.  If you are interested in the Nu Skin project, you can read more here.
I've been paying extra attention to the triangular blue trench shields.  I could see that conduit was being laid today, at the left of this picture.
When I got home, I had my engineer-husband look at this.  His best guess was that this will house electrical wiring from the tunnel to the temple.  Don't fret that the Jacobsen workmen are ignoring me.  I was behind the green construction shield and they didn't know I was there.
A nice slab was poured yesterday for the mechanical tunnel.
You can see how big the slab is for that tunnel in this aerial view.  Notice that the trench shields are actually square.  The Nu Skin parking entrance from Center Street can be seen at the lower center of this picture.  At some point this west lot will be underground parking for the temple.  You can see the entrance to both of these underground lots in the upper right hand corner.  And you can also see that the post office is an island.  A very busy island, too.  Often there are no empty parking spots, and I am always alert when walking there.
From this view we can see the south and west porches and their perimeters of rebar.  
The north lot is a very busy place where the yellow concrete forms are being assembled.  I'm sure the workmen wished the rebar trees provided a little more shade from the afternoon sun. 
This view from through the basement from the southwest shows where the forms are going.  Mr. Red Ladder is holding everything up. 
I was happy to see a glimpse behind the north wall of the concrete forms. 
I know you're glad my camera decided to zoom in.
This part of the south foundation wall was also poured yesterday.  Notice the lights on the left side.
Many of us faithful cam followers have noticed the lights on at night.  I believe this is security lighting, but I don't know for sure.  The south gates are closed in this picture, but there is access from the north, so I'm guessing.
I mentioned the lights because I saw Mr. Crane move the light get-up from the south side to the north lot, for what it's worth.  I'll find someone to ask.
It's getting harder and harder to peek into the basement.  I managed to catch a glimpse of the green scissor lift at work.  
Mr. Track Hoe worked tirelessly the entire time I was at the site.  The dump truck was bringing loads of dirt from the west lot.  Mr. Track Hoe put these loads, plus the dirt he was working on, into the tandem trucks who hauled them away.  I tried to work up the courage to ask a driver where the dirt is going, but I ended up just waving.
I deliberately took this picture so you could see the snow on Mt. Timpanogos in the background.  I believe I mentioned our winter a time or two.
The barrier wall is now pretty much complete around the entire lot.  This machine secures the wall to the dirt with tie-backs.  
I'm keeping an eye on the tower caps.  These are the two on the west side of the upper north lot.
My camera zoomed in just to see what could be seen.  I'm not seeing new wood in here.
These are the two tower caps in the northeast corner of the lot.  I can't tell which one of the four is most injured.  Maybe that's a good sign.
I took this picture from inside the Nu Skin building.  I was happy to see new plywood on this tower cap. 
While I was happy the opportunity to take pictures from the 9th floor, I think the best picture today came from Mike, also wearing an Okland hardhat.  He generously took my camera down into the west lot and got this beautiful picture!  Thanks!


David and Kris Taylor said...

I still love your blog. I check it faithfully morning and evening.


David Smith said...

For scale, that photo that your camera just zoomed in by itself reveals a scary-high ladder with lots and lots of rungs. It's funny that with all the things and activities going on, that's what grabbed my eye.

Julie Markham said...

Not to be confused with the crane in the picture before that one. And someone climbs that, up and down, every day. And I didn't notice the crane until I proofread last night, hours after I had posted. So, your eye notices, and I still miss stuff.

David said...

This is a fantastic post. With the shots to the left and right of the temple cam that you took from Nu Skin, I'm really getting a sense of the layout of the area. So much activity going on! Thank you so much for this perspective.

David said...

Do you think the Nu Skin folks will let you take similar pictures every once and a while? A periodic big picture of the whole site, like you did in this post, would be absolutely priceless!! :)

Julie Markham said...

Their main building is now being remodeled and we walked around a lot of construction. But yes, I will try to get in again.