Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Clearer Picture

I had an enormous amount of fun at the site today and came across people who knew answers.
I learned that18 inches of gravel will added to the basement, and then another slab.  This will bring the lower level of the basement to the top of the 3 boats shown in this picture.  The boats are not related in any way to elevator shafts, however.  They will be drains and sumps.
An onlooker this morning had construction experience and I asked him a question some readers have asked me.  "How will they pour the foundation close enough to the base of the tabernacle shell so there is no settling when the piers are cut away?"  He knew the answer.  The final level of the foundation will be poured under pressure, with an additive in the concrete which will prevent any shrinkage.  Notice what looks like a doorway in the lower left of this photo which is underneath the northeast tower.  Stairs and an elevator from the annex level will be here.  The concrete was poured this morning.
Another man, who clearly knew what he was talking about, explained that there will not be an entry at this lowest level of the south porch.  This is a foundation layer which will support stairs and an entry at the next level, from the underground garage.  I can't use my hands to describe this to you, so I'm searching for words.  Imagine that the level of the annex, or the north lot, will extend all the way through the temple and throughout the south lot, and also into the west lot.  This will be what we will likely commonly refer to as the basement of the temple, even though there will be non-patron facilities on an even lower level.  The rebar being prepared here for a concrete pour will be part of this lowest level, just like the area in the earlier photo showing the base of the northeast tower.  My guess is that the annex level will be at about the top of the wooden stairs shown in the center of the picture.  And yes, Mr. Track Hoe was very busy today, with dump trucks lined up along the site to facilitate his work.
I hope you are getting a better understanding of what will happen at the basement level.  I took this picture from the open gate on Center Street.  The north lot is between the drop-off point where the gravel ends and the tabernacle.  The level of that lot will extend through the tabernacle and connect to a large underground parking garage in the south lot.
From this vantage point at the end of the south lot, I can see that the lower level on the east side might possibly be level with the north lot.  If it isn't, based on how hard Mr. Track Hoe was working, it soon will be.  
This picture was taken from Center Street.  This will be a north entrance to Nu Skin's underground parking.
This picture was taken from the post office lot, directly opposite of where I stood on Center Street.  This west lot will eventually be part of the underground parking garage, but the entrance will be from First West.  You are wondering what the four poles are doing on the right side of the picture.  So am I, but by then I was alone and couldn't pester anyone with questions.
The braces on the right are shoring up the Nu Skin entrance.  In the center of the picture are the beginnings of a mechanical area which will support operations in the new temple.  This will extend from the annex level to the west.  In the background you can see yellow braces which support the upper level of Nu Skin's parking garage.  Obviously, at some point those braces will be removed.  Similar construction will take place when the south and west lots are turned into underground parking.
The shared entrance to these two underground parking garages received a lot of attention today, including a cement pour from the Nu Skin side which actually happened after this picture was taken.  Notice the three wells on the left.  If you look closely along the wooden barrier wall, you can see the electrical work which operates the pumps.  One of the well casings appears to be broken, but my engineer-husband assured me the well is likely still pumping just fine.  The workmen are presumably part of the Okland crew awaiting the arrival of the concrete pump.
If you ever think you are bored to tears, I can strongly recommend a trip to the temple site.
And if you know stuff, I hope I run into you!


David said...

It is all becoming clearer, thanks to your explanations! Thanks so much!

Esperanza said...

The pic of the north entrance to Nuskins underground parking. Is that walking or driving? And if driving, is it entrance only, or will there be two lanes?

Julie Markham said...

To me it looks like only one way in driving, and a walkway. It's obviously not finished, so I'll watch it.