Monday, December 17, 2012

Still Removing the Foundation

While the crane works above, the demolishing of the foundation continues.
This view of the northeast tower shows the excavation of the adjacent faces.
A closeup through the doorway of the northeast tower.
It's becoming easier to see through the foundation on the east side.
I have tried to guess how deep the track hoe has dug on the east side.  Today I'm saying more than five feet, less than ten.  The workman was welding.  My engineering expert has guessed that the vertical I-beams were driven into the ground by the pile driver.  I don't want this to be a fence which could block my view, but maybe it's the foundation for a future fence.
A pile driver and a drill rig worked on the north side today.
Water from the recent snow has made the north lot muddy.
I could not get good pictures of the west side, but a track hoe worked there today.  A crane parked on the west worked on the Nu-Skin construction.
The pile driver works near open holes through the foundation on the north.
It's almost deceptive, but look carefully to see the foundation has been removed here.
Work continues on the south side, too.  Notice the work the track hoe has done on the ground level on the east face, shown in this picture on the right.
I took a spotter with me today to watch for trucks.  The nice viewing area on the south was been covered, but his dad lifted him up for a good look.
This was my spotter's view.  The track hoe is working on the west side, presumably digging out that side to match the east.
The southeast corner from the south.
Notice the low level of dirt on the east side.  The four tower caps are in the northeast corner of the lot.
It appears the towers will be covered for the winter.

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