Monday, December 3, 2012

Foundation Walls Exposed

The original foundation walls of the old tabernacle have been exposed.
The north lot, which in the past has been bustling with activity, has been cleared.  The piles of mud were dug from around the foundation.
The lowest part of the foundation is comprised of boulders.  The next layer of the foundation was built of brick, but covered with plaster and styled to look like granite blocks.
The brick on boulders can clearly be seen here.  New are vertical utility conduits.
There are groups of these conduits surrounding the foundation.
Also new are I-beams on piers.  I had to take a lot of pictures to figure this out.
I'm still not sure what I'm seeing.  I definitely have more questions than answers, so I'll keep a close eye on what's going on.
In this view from the southeast, the drill digging holes for the piers can easily be seen on the left.
The drill digs down to bedrock before the cement pier is poured.  The circular pipes in the lower right -- casings -- are used to extend the depth of the holes.
Water is used in the drilling process.  This goes pretty fast.
The hole for the pier is strategically placed.
Notice the hole through the foundation at the lower right, just to the left of the workman.
The workmen are cutting through the foundation to place the I-beams, which rest on piers.
These piers and I-beams through the original foundation are on the east side of the building.
Once I realized what I was seeing, I walked around so my camera could get a better look.  I actually can't see this from the street.  However, standing on my tippy-toes and reaching up as high as I can with my camera, I can "peek" over the construction fence.
This is a view of the east entrance from the southeast.  The original stairs have been removed.  Conduit to the right and left of the beams are easily visible.
The angle isn't right for my camera to see through the hole for the I-beams into the building.
This is the south face.  The arrow points to another hole in the foundation.
Here is a close-up of that hole.  I suspect that soon a hole for a pier will be drilled and an I-beam will be placed through this hole.
Work is going on inside, too.
Although it was bright and sunny this morning, the temperature was only 40 degrees.
Notice this workman had on a sweatshirt to stay warm.
The white line visible through the left window is from the crane, actively working again today. 
This contraption was in place two weeks ago.
It looks like it could be a device for separating rocks and sand.
I actually have no idea, and my engineer friends were guessing.
If you know people who like action, this is the place to be.
A veritable construction-vehicle party is constantly ongoing!
From this view at the southeast corner, there is a safe place where it's easy to watch through the fence.

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