Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Firm a Foundation, Not So Much...

There is no question that the original foundation is being demolished.
Mr. Track Hoe is working fast and furiously to clear the dirt away.  I thought he was holding the pose for my camera, but no.
These trucks work fast.  In seconds the dump truck backed into place to receive a load.
The east side has been cleared to a depth of about 10 feet below University Avenue.
What I thought were utility conduits in earlier posts have been turned into piers for the I-beams.
This workman is inside the building, but he's easily seen because the foundation is disappearing.
A drill rig is still working inside the building.
Braces inside the interior are easy to see.
These beams are bracing the southern interior.
Even the western roof point has a brace.
There is a lot to see in this picture, from newly excavated ground, to the I-beam supports, to machinery inside the tabernacle that I can't identify, amid braces on the walls.
I'm going to come right out and say, without hesitation, that something is going on.
At first I thought these were both drill rigs, but the one on the left is something else.
I know -- I'm not a lot of help.
I've noticed this orange streak inside the building when I take pictures from the north.  Today I zoomed in. It's a brace painted brightly to keep someone from walking into it.
I watched the rig go up and down, but no water came out. 
This is the foundation on the south side.  Look carefully on the far left where the foundation completely disappears.  There you can see into the building, just past the new wooden stairs, which lead nowhere.
Notice how deep in the trench this welder is standing.

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