Friday, December 7, 2012

Foundation Work Continues

The normal noisy construction site was very quiet today, but a lot of work has gone on this week.
The piles of mud north of the tabernacle are being removed.
This solitary track hoe worked alone today...
Except for help from this tandem-truck driver hauling dirt away.
Holes in the north foundation are easily visible.
Not all have I-beams through them, yet.
In some instances I could see through the foundation holes into the building.
I can only speculate what will happen when the foundation supports are completed.
I am certain that the pioneers laying this original foundation had no idea anyone would ever cut through their work.
This is the interior through the east entrance.
East face straight on.
It's easy to see that both ends of the I-beams rest on piers.  While that's a no-brainer, I haven't seen the drill working inside the building.
In case someone is as interested as I am, this is a closeup of the I-beams.
The drill rig sat quietly this afternoon at the southwest tower.
This is a Friday view of the hole I was preoccupied with on Monday.
These are foundation beams in the bright sun of the southern face.

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