Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Sunset

I got to the site as soon as I could after my Thanksgiving holiday.
It looks like I missed a snowstorm.  Yes, I'm sorry about that.
Of course it's nice to be home.
The temple looked like this one year ago.
The windows started going in the first week of December 2014.
This, of course, was a big deal.
The sunset glowed through the windows tonight.
Sometimes on my visits, I can't believe the temple is as beautiful as it is.
I wonder what these towers look like on the inside at sunset.
A tell-tale X indicates someone is touching up something.
I remember trying to figure out how the fountain would look.
I'm still not sure how it turned out this way.  The fountain sounds as beautiful as it looks.
It was deceptively cold tonight.
At least there was no scaffolding to block my view.
There are still contractors working inside.
Last year they were all over the place.
It's honestly hard for me to believe this was my view 12 months ago.
It was very peaceful this evening.
I take this picture from the same spot on almost every visit.  It's a ledge in front of the post office.
I don't miss the construction fence.  Not one bit.
Next month I'm going to take a picture from one of these benches.
A little birdie told me a secret.
The statue for the north garden is on its way.
I can't wait.

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