Thursday, December 17, 2015


The construction fences are down.
I did not hesitate to make myself at home.
I walked right up to the new statue.
It was nice to admire details without using my zoom lens.
I had my boots on.
Also my gloves.  My heaviest coat.
I was still cold.
The fountain had a little ice.
I was surprised, honestly.
I needed my zoom lens, because while the construction fence is gone, the tall wrought iron gates weren't open this morning.
In all fairness, it was 18 degrees.
Believe it or not, I was recently asked about this possibility.
Mark Marshall gave me this picture his grandfather, Fred Taylor took in January 1917.  This fountain was in front of the Hotel Roberts, which used to be at Second South.
I walked all around the temple, leaving footprints in the snow.
I soon warmed up.
The sun shone through the windows of the northeast tower.
This was a beautiful sight, I assure you.
The temple windows are stunning.
I looked for the falcon.
If there is such a thing as a majestic seagull, this guy fit the bill.
Tents cover much of the south grounds.
Preparations for the open house are underway.
Tents might prevent a lot of wet people from dripping through the temple.
Frozen people don't drip, but as they get inside and warm up, well, this is probably a good idea.
A crew of three shovelers cleared the walks inside the fence.
They didn't have to remove the snow from the walk around the pavilion.
It has its own snow-removal system.
When I took these pictures, I didn't know what I was seeing, but a blog reader pointed it out to me.
Snow-removal zones are under high traffic exterior walks.
The driveway has its own snow removal system.  I saw it from a new perspective this morning.
This was my view for a long time.
A new perspective is always good.
Add snow, and it's perfect.
By the time I got back around, the snow had melted from the family, a good sign.

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Lesta Sims said...

I live in Kansas City, MO, and just discovered your blog, thanks to Facebook! Love all your wonderful photos and notes. Thanks for sharing your talent!