Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tight As A Drum

The west garden has a new row of fence posts.
This photo yesterday from Yuki Dorff shows another perspective.  On the right side of her picture you can see a ramp for handicap access under construction.
Often this area is covered with plastic or concrete blankets. Today, however, it was quite visible.
Slowly but surely, the west lot is turning into a lovely garden.
The north garden is also beautiful, even in this unfinished state.
I can't see past the new white sheeting, so we have to admire the landscaping.
You might have noticed from the construction cam that dirt gets closer and closer to the temple.
It's not hard to envision this green and leafy.
It is a little more difficult to imagine the south side of the temple finished.
The pavilion was quite pleased to be surrounded by new concrete walks and a lot of dirt.  The dirt is fresh, a smell I associate with spring.  I'm getting ahead of myself, for sure.
The south planter looks a little more inviting than it has in the past.
The fountain is all bundled up after receiving its last pour this week.
I checked the roof.  The slate is finished.
Work progresses on completing the steeple base.
This closeup from the southeast corner shows a new corner piece.  All four corners had this addition.  A drain from the steeple deck is visible on the left.
As for brick, windows, beautiful trim and copper gutters, those are all being kept warm.
And today, with the sun shining, even those of us walking around the block weren't too cold.
But I find myself imagining spring already.

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