Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All Bundled Up

I can no longer complain about scaffolding being in the way.
Eleven months ago the temple was covered so workmen could repoint the brick.
A similar situation is happening now.  With the temperatures so low, final details with the new windows can't be completed until the workmen can warm things up a bit.  This should work nicely.
In the meantime, there are plenty of things to see, such as new trees in the north garden.
Changes in the construction gates have made it easier for my camera to get a good look.
However, in order to see the finished slate on the roof, all he had to do was look up.
The north gablet was snug under his new roof.
I took the opportunity to study the new quartzitic sandstone on the north planter.  Look at the wall just to the right of the red bucket.
The stones are secured with bolts.  Mortar will come later.  It's also a temperature thing.
Have you noticed the rounded path the geofoam is taking on the west side of the temple?  This view from the construction cam shows how it will connect to the walkway through the north garden.  A better view of the circular walkways on the temple grounds can be seen in this video.
Work on the sidewalk along Center Street has been underway for several weeks.
Just when I think they are almost finished, a track hoe comes in and tears up more stuff.
This machine was laying down gravel for the circular walk at the east end of the sidewalk.
Today I could see men working in the west lot, a first from my spot on University Avenue.
Usually the best I can do is try to see from the west side.
The south and east sides seem to be demonstrating the equivalent of wearing shorts in Utah in the winter, one of my favorite things to see.  They'll get their turn with the warm coat soon.
The planter south of the pavilion was entertaining a few visitors today.
My camera and I decided they were waterproofing the concrete walls.
The fountain is going to receive its last concrete pour tomorrow morning.
Note to self:  Ask someone when the actual fountain is going to make its appearance.
Notice the new walkway in front of the fountain.
This walkway stretches from the temple past the pavilion.
Geofoam seems to have neatly fallen into place in the south lot.  If you are wondering where Mt. Timp is, I can only say I believe it's where it's supposed to be.  If it's not there tomorrow when the clouds lift, I'll start to worry.
Rebar and heat tubing on the south ramp are being kept warm and dry under concrete blankets.  Some of this driveway has been poured, or so I was told, but it's out of view of my camera.
Work on the emergency exit at the northeast tower was easy to see this morning.  I'm guessing if we have to leave the temple, we'll just jump and slide.
Work at the southeast entrance isn't nearly as far along.
But work was going on inside the tower, because there was a light inside.
I'm told it's warm and toasty in there, not to mention beautiful, even at this stage.

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