Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Big Goodbye

When I arrived at the site this afternoon, the guys in white pants were working fast on the top level of scaffolding at the north gablet.
They quickly moved to the next level, obviously just touching up.
This painter climbed over the south gable roof before I could get my camera focused.
I spied this painter finishing the top of the steeple deck.
All four corners of the steeple deck look this nice.  The slate is completely finished.
Then I saw these men cleaning brick on the west side.
They are using tools like this one.
Do you want to know why they are working on the west side?
Because they are finished with the north side.
It's time to say goodbye to the white sheeting, at least on this side.  And that means the scaffolding, too.  This exciting action can be watched via the construction cam.
In the meantime, work continued everywhere else.  More window trim went in the east entrance.
This side in particular reminds me of my YW campouts, for some reason.
I accept that you have expectations of my camera, so he peeked inside.
It was more interesting outside, though.  These men were installing fence posts on the east side, making every effort to keep them straight.  Notice the two gloves in the lower right corner.
The posts are welded into place.
I was delighted to see posts at the entrance on Second South.
Workmen on the left are cutting rebar.
The machine they used was quiet and quick.
Little by little, the new driveway is coming along.
Mr. Camera was able to get this photo of the actual entrance to the underground garage.
The south lot still looks like a glacier field.
These men were ice fishing.
I'm still trying to figure out the tomato cages near the pavilion.
Some were lying flat, but notice the dirt.
In fact, there was a lot of new dirt in the south lot.  And new gate posts keeping warm.
Notice the men building forms in the background.
This was fun to watch.  I haven't seen forms going up for months.
There are hinges involved.
Our friend Brian Olson made this adorable diagram for us.  A dumpster will be discreetly parked in this area.  The driveway from Second South is on the left.
Masons have finally moved to the most northern planter.
A lot of masons were working hard today.
They make a surprising amount of noise. 
If you drive a wheelchair, you will be pleased to know the ramp on the west side has made some big advances.
I'm not sure I can navigate this labyrinth without getting lost, but perhaps there will be arrows.
But the big news, is, yes, finally, Christmas is coming late, but it's coming.


Brian said...

The "Quiet rebar cutter" is a hand held band saw. Like what you would see in a woodshop, but 12 or so inches from one end to the other instead of 3 feet.

Also, I can't recall the last time there was so much activity at one time. So nice to see!

Julie Markham said...

That little saw was so quiet I wondered if it was pinching the rebar in half instead of cutting it. And yes, a lot going on -- a fun trip.