Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beautiful Sunset At The Temple

Just at sunset, the clouds drifted away, and I hurried to the temple site to see the white sheeting come down.
Construction on the sidewalk at Center Street hindered my ability to take pictures.
We've seen the two windows on each side of the large north gable opening.
Tonight I was able to capture the two lower windows.
When I saw the north gablet, it was like seeing an old friend again.
I hurried, trying to get around the lot before the sun set.
However, I took the time to focus on the new windows on the west side.  These will be part of the president's office on the ground level.
This stunning window is tucked between the west gable wall the the southwest tower.
I could see new windows along the ground level.
I took the time to zoom in on one.  Wow!
If you are a cam watcher, you've seen more geofoam deliveries in the last few days.
It was easier for me to imagine the temple site as a ship sailing on Lake Bonneville tonight.
The pavilion looked like a lighthouse in the setting sun.
By the time I was at the southeast corner of the temple, I knew I only had a few minutes of sun left.
This window is on the south side of the east gable wall.
This is his buddy, on the north side.  I'm hopeful that with the painting of the soffit and fascia complete, the scaffolding will come down.
Masons were still at work on the north planter.
I took one last picture before heading home.


Brian said...

Nice shoot! I am going to doggedly watch the webcam tomorrow, watching for any signs of "The Big Reveal!"

Julie Markham said...

Don't forget to look for the copper gutters. I forgot to mention those, or take closeups of them.

Brittanie said...

Thank you for your blog. My dad loved your updates and would visit the temple site regularly. He also referred all of his family and friends to your blog. He was obsessed.

He passed away very unexpectedly this past fall and one of the first things we said was, "Now he has a better view of the temple. He can finally get the close up tour he has wanted."

Julie Markham said...

So sorry to hear about your father, but it sounds like you already know that temples are all about families.

Jeff Miller said...

I can't thank you enough for your dedication and commitment to this wonderful blog capturing the amazing transformation of this historic building! As I have faithfully followed your blog and anticipated with excitement each additional blog update, I have been increasingly amazed at the transformation that has occurred over the past couple of months. Something has definitely occurred that has transformed what was once a burned out shell into something that is beautifully evolving into a "House of the Lord". Haven't you been equally amazed at the recent transformations? I think a lot of it has to do with the brick and roof work wrapping up, as well as the wood trim and now the windows. At some point, the building emerged from the damage caused by the devastating fire, and it is no longer noticeable that this transformation is a restoration of a burned out building. I think this entire transformation shares a compelling story about the commitment that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for the eternal salvation of each of us. At times, we may feel broken and spiritually lost, but through the atonement, we can truly be changed and transformed. I think this building will forever stand as a testimony to the change and transformation that can occur within each of us. Once again, thanks for your wonderful blog! I have no doubt in my mind that you were inspired to capture the process of transformation that has occurred. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!

P.S. Have you looked at the web cam today and noticed that in the west lot that there have been trees delivered for the landscaping? Who would have thought that they would start on the landscaping in the winter. I guess we can count that as a blessing from the warm and dry winter we have had so far!


Julie Markham said...

Look at that -- trees!!! Thank you for your kind words. For about the first two years, or longer, I continued to call the building the tabernacle, but one day I noticed that "temple" was showing up in my captions. It has been a subtle change in my thinking, but as the building has transformed, I now see it as a temple, not as a restored old building. There is such tremendous symbolism in all of this, and while I have not deliberately pointed it out, I think we can all see it. The new windows are definitely symbolic of additional progress. I'm thinking of new converts who, after a few months, start attending church in a suit.

I had not considered that our warm winter would help the landscapers; I had only assumed it was helping the painters. Maybe when the roof is completely covered in slate we can finally get some snow.