Friday, September 13, 2013

Working In The Rain

For being in a desert, Provo has received an unusual amount of rain lately, but the work goes on.
Mr. Crane has no problem working in the rain.
Neither does the concrete pump.  You might be wondering who the workman is talking to.
He was giving directions to this man, who carries a remote for the pump arm.  If you are noticing the white paint on the north wall of the annex, I am certain they are choosing a color scheme.
If you watch the construction cam, you know that the pump was at the site for quite awhile today. 
My camera did some peeking and saw lots of PVC pipe on the annex floor mingling with electrical conduit.
I have been watching the big nails on the decking.
Today I noticed thin rebar along the tops of the nails.  My engineer husband said when they pour the concrete floors for these levels, the nails will hold the rebar in the middle of the slab.
Rebar is growing under the southeast tower.
Forms for the west annex wall are going up.  Two concrete separators are now in place in the green rebar spider.  I am sure the square box is part of this drainage system.
I did my best to peek into the west side opening today.  This opening leads to lower level 1.
The cam shows that there is also an entrance to the lowest level here.
The column forms were having a quiet conversation in the west lot.
I suspect they were talking about the nearly completed roundabout.
I like to peek at the tabernacle.
Sometimes he watches back.


Melanie Ferguson said...

Your ending statement is too cute! Working in the rain reminds me of Baytown LOL.

dSquared said...

I looked at all the cam shots and didn't see the cement hose going through the doorway(?) When did that happen and how long was it there ?

I also am very surprised to see plastic sewer pipe being used. I thot cast-iron was the standard for commercial construction ?

Julie Markham said...

I don't think any new concrete has gone inside for quite awhile. I've been told there's still prep work necessary before the interior slabs happen. As for the sewer lines, based on what we are seeing, I suspect PVC is the millennial standard.

TempleRick said...

What a hoot! You have such a fun and informative blog. Brilliant!