Friday, September 27, 2013

Cloudy Friday

Cloudy day and 43 degrees.  The workers had on gloves.
Someone had cleaned the upper north lot and I was able to get a nice picture.
Maybe they are making room for a concrete pump.
To compare, here is the south face.  The north side foundation is as open as this one is, but from Center Street where I was standing in the earlier picture, you saw the tabernacle at ground level.
For good measure, here is the tabernacle from the construction cam!  It was repaired just as I got home from the site.
This picture, taken about an hour earlier, shows the beginnings of a yellow plastic sandwich.
When finished, there will be concrete on the top and gravel on the bottom.
Men are working on forms in the west lot.  My camera doesn't handle perspective well.  These forms are very long.  Notice the vertical concrete wall on the left side of the picture.
This view from the west shows that same concrete wall and the length of forms.
There are now four distinct floors in the temple.  You are seeing the ground level.
With the cam back up, we can see level 2.  One large endowment room will be on the east side near University Avenue.  The Celestial room will be in the center.  Five sealing rooms will also be on this level, three under the the gables, and two on the north and south sides.
My camera zoomed in from the north and caught this ladder in time out.
This is a peek inside at lower level 1, with a ladder trying to keep his feet dry after yesterday's rain.  A slab like this will be poured next week on the lowest level below this floor.
Concrete was poured on the northeast tower foundation.
The southeast tower foundation is still being formed.
Daddy Track Hoe was working at the southwest corner the entire time I was at the site this morning.  I couldn't figure out what he was doing.
The west lot should get a pour next week, too.  I'll miss the green rebar brightening things up.
The South Stake has hung another informative banner, this one timely with general conference approaching.  The 1886 and 1887 April Conferences were held in Provo.
Apparently in 1886 the tabernacle wasn't quite ready for conference, but everyone worked together and made it happen.
Just like today -- everyone is working to make this happen!

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Carolyn said...

I really like the signs from the South Stake. So interesting to see some of the history.