Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beam Me Up!

Guess what's going up inside the tabernacle!
My engineer-husband accompanied me.  We counted six columns above the roof line.
My husband held the ladder so I could climb a little higher today.
He was as excited as I was.
I hope you wanted to see a lot of pictures of the beams.
Because I took a lot.
Watching the beams go in would be a lot of fun if the cam were working.  I don't know what's wrong. 
We watched Mr. Crane deliver this beam to the south side.
My husband doesn't come with me very often, but when he does, he always has a good time.
In addition to moving the beams, Mr. Crane delivered this decking inside.  He also delivered more rebar.  The black crane was working today, too.
Forms for the west wall of the annex are progressing and the Jacobsen crew is building forms for a top on the foundation under the northeast tower.  We'll probably see the final lift there soon. 
This is the back of the west annex wall.  You can see the two sumps which were installed last week.
Green rebar is slowly taking over the west lot.  
Mr. Engineer-husband says the slab is being built to hold a lot of weight.  We speculated that the green frame structure above the west concrete wall could be an entrance to Nu Skin's underground parking garage.
A big hole is being dug for a lift station in the southwest corner.
Work on a new line for storm water between Second West and Second South has been underway for several weeks.  The water from the lift station will be pumped here.
I want you to know that you are seeing a picture from my camera over the high fence in the post office lot.  It was nice having someone to hold the ladder steady.
I got a chance to say hi to one of my friends, too.


David said...

Goodness gracious! What are we going to do about this camera problem? Has the power been off at NuSkin for a whole week?

You are our lifeline to this, Julie! Thanks so much for your selfless service!!

Julie Markham said...

I've sent off an email trying to learn what the problem is. In any case, I'll get to the site tomorrow, or at the latest, Saturday.