Thursday, March 7, 2013

Aerial Views and Garage Demolition

The demolition of the Nu Skin garage has begun.  This view is from the Nu Skin building. If you are thinking this is an unusually good picture, it's because all the photos today were taken by my nephew Chris, a professional photographer, who not only has a much better camera than I do, but also a good eye. 
The work on the garage began Tuesday, and it looks like it's progressing rapidly.
This view from the west includes some of the ongoing Nu Skin construction.
As the track hoes of unusual size work on the deconstruction, dump trucks hasten the removal of the concrete.
This hydraulic cement chomper was losing himself in his work.  Water kept the dust down and likely helped keep him cool.
I am envious that Chris could be at the site today and I couldn't.  Green, in fact.
Why is Chris good?  Notice the building on Center Street between the layers of the garage.
I'm thinking that perhaps the sign is now unnecessary.
Chris captured this view of the north lot just for me.  Those grout pools are completely gone.  Notice a track hoe tidying up near University Avenue.  Two viewing places along the green construction screen are visible here.  Chris chose a different place from which to watch.  Look through the windows of the tabernacle and see the stilts beneath.  The structure is still just a shell.
The new slab appears to be wet from the drilling of the micropiles.
Machines and men are hard at work.
It's going to take some time to drill 400 new piers, but that's the plan I overheard.  These will be 40 feet below the piers we can see.  This will keep the old structure stable and protect the temple from any seismic action.
Since it's way too early for swimming in Utah, I will guess that these pools on the south lot are related to the drilling of the micropiles.
The work is breathtaking as it progresses.
Parking for the new temple will be underground.  Currently, parking on Center Street is only for two hours.  Plus, because of all the good restaurants right downtown, temple patrons will need their own parking.
Thanks, Chris!

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