Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pavilion Photos, Plus the Disappearing Tower Roof

I was happy to be back at the site today despite the 50 degree weather.  With rain.  I don't melt, but I was careful with my camera.  I was determined to get good pictures of the pavilion structure, but Second South is a construction zone again and it was a little difficult.
Trucks do not care about stepping in front of someone's camera.
I, however, am careful about stepping in front of trucks.  I did capture this nice view, finally.
And this one.  And yes, I saw the southeast tower roof sitting there.
I was at first quite pleased with this new view of Moroni from University Avenue until I realized we were missing something.
Mr. Pigeon and I were both pretty sure we had taken care of this roof six months ago.
It was late in the day, but I did find someone to ask.  The consensus was that this tower was not adjusting to his new spot very well.  The workmen will give it some attention and  then put it back up for slate shingles.
Another onlooker told me that earlier in the day men had been working on top of the tower, too.  There is a temple standard, and if something isn't right, there is no covering it up.  It has to be fixed.
This was the first time for me to see the pavilion with my own eyes.  Provo's Daily Herald published an article about it this morning.  The two levels of the pavilion will be over 5,000 square feet.
This temple is expected to be a favorite for brides, and the pavilion will accommodate waiting families.
I looked for progress I might have missed in the last two weeks and saw work on the roof on the south gable.  I recently received a tutoring lesson about what I've been calling the cove edge.  It's actually called a kicktail.
The kicktail edge allows the gable roof to connect nicely with the straight roof adjacent to it, on the right.  This view is of the west gable.  The workmen are unintentionally blocking what would otherwise be a perfect view.  I received my lesson weeks ago, and so far this is the best picture I've been able to get.
Brick repair has begun on the south side.  There used to be a gap in this area, between the dentils and the roof.  It's being filled in with new brick.
I am very appreciative of Lee Cowan's efforts to take pictures for me while I was away, but it was nice to see the new arch on the north gable with my own little peepers.
The slate will soon cover the roof.  It's beautiful.
Let's all try to visualize a completed slate roof.
In walking around the site, I happened to see sandbags scattered over the west lot.  Mr. Engineer-Husband thinks these are goose decoys.  That's engineer-speak for we have no idea what's going on.
I checked on the six west windows and was happy to see them all still there.  You will recall that the lower windows will be part of the temple president's office.  The upper windows will be part of a large sealing room.
My camera peeked in the top center window and this was the result.  I think we are seeing the interior wall of the sealing room, and a ladder at work, of course.
The fence at the southwest corner of the west lot has been adjusted so this area can be used as an entrance.  This made it easy for me to get a good look at the mechanical shop.  An emergency stairwell from the underground garage will be on the right.
These are the two openings for the shop.  Ultimately, the cinder block structure will be covered with brick which matches the temple.
I also looked at the planter on the north side.  Little by little, more concrete appears.  It wasn't until I got home that I saw the new wooden structure over the brides' skylight on the left.  
I was a little busy the last two weeks and totally and completely missed this even though it was visible from the construction cam.
My camera and I were busy taking pictures like this.
I scrolled through the cam photos this afternoon and learned the wooden structure has been there for two weeks.  This will protect the glass over the skylight much better than the temporary tent which was in place.
The south lot has changed quite a bit.  This is the new ramp from Second South, much narrower.  Notice the lift station on the far left.  It's no longer sitting in a pile of dirt.  This picture was taken from University Avenue.
This is a view of the east side of the south lot, with the lift station on the right and University Avenue running between the site and the two county buildings.  Notice the new concrete.  The sunken areas are for function, not beauty.
This is another view of the lift station with Second South on the right.  I don't know what the red ladder is looking at, but it's probably not worth the effort to find out.  I think we are seeing a sump next to the lift station.
Another sump is on the west side of the south lot.  It's also visible from the cam, but I missed it, too.
Forms are going up for another emergency stairwell.
And the forms for the garage roof keep spreading south.  The southern edge of the pavilion is barely visible on the left.  The wall in the center of the picture will divide the parking area of the south lot with a drive on the left where cars can pass next to the pavilion.
And then we get back to the pavilion.  This is a big site, and the Daily Herald article says the entire area will be landscaped beautifully, although none of us doubted that for a minute.
I nearly walked by the newly-located missionary box on Center Street.
Missionaries, of course, are always willing to help.

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dSquared said...

Great to have you back, and thanks for your helpers.

I like the 'decoy' story but I am thinking this is for the wrinkles that we keep seeing in the membrane. I'm guessing they are getting ready to build more planter footings.