Monday, January 6, 2014

Southeast Tower Has A Roof!

The southeast tower cap was placed on Saturday.
The white crane held it while the welders secured it.  The red block of the crane is in view on the left side of the picture.  In the meantime, the new crane, which moved to the south lot Friday night, worked all day moving air handlers from the south lot into the mechanical shop.
Making room on the construction site is a game of musical chairs, but moving the tower caps up will definitely help.
Mr. Concrete Pump spent the morning working from the north lot.
I watched him perform his mesmerizing curl-up as I left the site.
When I got home, I saw that he planned to spend the afternoon covering something in the west lot.
The area where he is pouring is near where First South use to be, where the green rebar is in the lower right hand corner of this photo.  Temple patrons will use this route to access the south part of the underground parking garage.
Work continues on the roof of the west portion of the underground parking garage.  The trenches will hold tension cables.
These cables have been at the site since early November.  They are color coded, and once the concrete is poured, hydraulic jacks will pull them tight.
If you are a construction cam follower, you saw wood for heated tubing along with plywood sheathing installed on the roof Saturday.
The plywood sheathing will cover all the steel decking, and slate shingles will be laid over tar paper on the sheathing.  Snow on slate can lead to a massive slide in freezing temperatures.  The heated tubing, plus pegs, will slow down the snow so no one is injured below.
Workmen continue to build the scaffolding on the north side.  I am anxious to see the restoration of the brick.
The truth is, I'm anxious to see it all come together.

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