Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

You are probably surprised that I'm putting up a third post in six days, but blog readers are sending me pictures and it's only fair to share them.  This wonderful photo was taken from the County Building, just south of the Historic Courthouse.
Yuki Dorff sent this interesting picture from the Nu Skin Building.  Notice the work progressing on the mechanical building.  The planter in the north lot is visible, too.
Yuki also took this stunning photo.
Lee Cowan visited the site again this afternoon.  He's not long on words, but his captions are the best.  He named this photo, "The Temple In Complete Traction."
This photo was named, "Guys Just Hanging Out."  You recognize the south gable and the southeast tower.
"Sitting On the Job."
Lee learned that the brick stacked on the scaffolding will be used higher up on the west gable.
Putting the bricks together is reminiscent of a giant puzzle.
To me, it is thrilling to see this west gable cleaned and restored.
Lee took this fabulous picture of the pavilion. Notice that the roof of the parking garage now extends past the new structure.
This view from today's cam shows that the rebar and cable are about ready for another pour.
Lee paid attention to my fretting and learned that the reels at the top of the pavilion are part of a cable-safety system for the workmen.  Another reader told me they've shown up in my pictures before in other areas.  Thank you.
Lee also took this picture of mobile concrete forms.  They've been on the site for months and helped pour the south wall along the west side and are now moving down the south lot as the west wall there is poured.
Lee's last photo tonight was this one of Moroni. It's always nice to know he's still on the job.
As for me, I'm barely standing, but I'm holding up longer than the grandkids.


Lane Montgomery said...

Fantastic blog post. You have some very good blog followers with exceptional photographic skills. Please let them know that we ALL appreciate them stepping up while you're "off-site", and thank you for taking time out of your "vacation" to post their shots for us to enjoy.

JayBingham said...

Wow, those are certainly some great photos. Thanks.
Stunning is a good start at describing Yuki's second photo. I would add breathtaking. Some very rare lighting captured in a photograph. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have that lighting happen again when the construction is complete.