Thursday, June 5, 2014


I am off with grandchildren, but there are no worries.  Lee Cowan visited the site today and took this wonderful picture of the steel frame of the pavilion which sprang up out of nowhere today.  Notice the elevator base, which is also rising.  Mr. Ladder's assistance is critical.
Lee takes pictures for his father, Dr. Richard O. Cowan, who is writing a book about Provo's two temples.  I was happy he offered to send me photographs while I'm out of pocket.  I'm hoping to have more information about that book very soon.
Two blog readers, David Dorff and Carl Haupt, sent me clips from the construction cam yesterday of the  pavilion cupola sitting along the east wall.  Not having any idea how fast the pavilion was going to rise, I wondered where they were going to store it.
Brian Olson sent me this clip from the cam today.  Notice the new concrete in the southeast end of the lot and also the rebar going across the forms just north of the pavilion.
Brian also sent me this clip showing more formwork going up on the west stairwell.  Presumably this same action is going on around the east stairwell.
Lee took this photo which shows the mechanical building.  Notice the course of quartzite around the bottom.  Brick matching the temple will go above it.  New forms around the north planter are being formed.
Lee checked on Moroni, too, who is supervising everything.
Not these guys, as you might suppose.
Some of my grandchildren are avid Minecraft players, so I showed them pictures created by Will Matheson and his son.
They were in awe.


Cole Robison said...

You mentioned the remainder of the mechanical building will be finished with brick to match the temple. Is the similar level of the temple near ground level going to feature that style of quartzite as well?

Sad you couldn't be there today to watch the pavilion steel go up! It was fascinating how quickly they finished it.

Julie said...

Yes, the watercourse of the temple will have the same quartzite. I've been calling it limestone but have been gently corrected.