Friday, June 13, 2014

New Arch, New Pour and the Disappearing Box

Lee Cowan arrived at the site this morning just in time to see the template for the arch on the north gable being removed.
I felt like a blog reader while looking at his photos because I didn't know what was going to come next.  Isn't this a great shot of the north gable?  It looks like the arch and gable brick are complete.  And the interfering orange mesh is out of the way!
Do you need a refresher course on the brick?  Dentils are along the gable line.  The workman is standing above the quartzite springer stones of the arch.  To his right and left are voussier stones.  The keystone of the upper arch is above his head and out of our sight, but the keystone for the lower arch is visible.
The workmen are shown here doing a little touch up work.  I hope they are pleased.
Lee had a little better luck than I did getting a view of the brick work on at the east gable line.  The supports for the upper brick are visible, at least I think that's what we are seeing.
Lee tells me that repairing the brick is like putting Humpty-Dumpty together again.  This is very precise work.  The quartzite on the belt course in this area still needs repair.  One of the issues is finding stone that matches well, which can take a little time.
The dots on the brick around this recent repair job are from the morning sun shining through the scaffolding, not an errant crafter.
I have it on good authority that everyone is happy about the brick work.
The concrete pump worked all night long again, this time pouring the forms between the last pour and the pavilion which was captured nicely by the construction cam.
The green rebar for the fountain is now completely on concrete.
Lee took this wonderful picture for us of the new pour.
The view is made possible by the removal of the missionary box, which has disappeared.  I have never complained about the box, and I don't intend to now.  However, it was a large object very much in the way.
The area the box occupied is now prime real estate, critical for the delivery of equipment.  I have been told the box is only being relocated, not removed.
I clipped this shot from the construction cam so you could see the progress on the slate.
Lee captured this shot of a slate-man hammering nails at a steep angle. He titled this photo, "Pitch-hitter."  Yes, you got it!
Blog reader Bruce made sure I saw new concrete near the planter on the north side.
Many of you have noticed the work on the west side with conduit and more black stuff.  It's very hard to get a good picture of this area from ground level.  I'll do my best when I'm back at the site next week to learn what's going on.
Moroni has a great view, but conduit isn't what he talks about.


Stephanie Booth said...

The disappearing box has reappeared on the north side along Center Street. Thanks for all of the great photos and info from the construction site!

Julie said...

Great place for it -- and much safer, too. Thanks for letting us know!