Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still In the Basement

I made a quick trip to the site this evening.  I successfully arrived between snow storms, if you can believe that.  (If you live in Provo, you do.)  I was happy I wasn't too late to find workmen in the basement.
The site was completely quiet.  Nothing was moving, although I'm told the crane was busy today.  So sorry I missed that.
I have been watching the construction cam, and at noon today I saw some white squares appear in the basement.
By 2:30, the squares were gray, maybe turned over.  Curiosity was killing me. 
By the time I got to the site at 5:30 and had my camera take a look, this is what I saw.  The green poles mark the micropiles.
The basement is now full of green pipe covered with gravel, which has lengths of plastic stretched between the micropiles.  I'm observant but not understanding. 
I can venture a guess that there is going to be a nice sunken living room in the basement.  Cause all the new temples have those, I'm sure.
By the time I got to the west side, it wasn't very quiet.  Junior Front-end Loader had invited his buddy Mr. Hydraulic Jack-Hammer to play in the basement with him.  They were having a good time while the men worked hard.  I watched for awhile.  Remnants of the slab which was poured last month were being removed in critical places.  The men were lifting the chunks aside, since Mr. Track Hoe makes too big of a mess in the basement to be much help anymore. 
Then I saw framework along the north edge of the basement.
Can you see it?  It goes all around the basement.  I know what this means!  They are getting ready to pour another slab.
Even the southeast corner has been framed.
While the basement is getting cleaned up, the north lot is a mess.  I wish there were other words to use, but nothing's coming to mind.  Whatever is happening in the northeast corner is moving north.
I scanned through pictures from the construction cam and found this one from noon yesterday.   Look at the northeast corner, which is on the left side of this picture, but also look at the pile of dirt which Mr. Track Hoe excavated at the northwest corner.
That pile is gone today.
There is now a nice sledding hill for Junior Front-end loader.  He can party during tonight's storm and still be ready to work when the crew arrives tomorrow.
This is a view from University Avenue of the southwest corner.  We have our own miniature Grand Canyon right here in Provo!  Notice the west lot above the pit.
The west side has turned into a little archaeological dig.
This machinery is new since I was at the site on Saturday.  A giant popcorn machine comes to mind.
Just so you know, I left the site at 6, but the crew was still working away.
I'm determined to catch this guy at work!

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David said...

I check this blog every day without fail. Thank you for doing this for all of us!