Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Track Hoe in the Basement

I found popcorn at the site today!
Mama Track Hoe has been busy in the basement the last few days.
I watched her for quite awhile this morning.  She is carefully covering these green pipes with gravel.
Workmen helped out with shovels.
Junior Front-End Loader was working very hard, racing in and out of the building.
It was like watching a one-man fire brigade.  He grabbed a scoop of gravel on each trip and raced back to the basement.
In a reverse-imitation of life, Junior fed the gravel to Mama Track Hoe, who then carefully spread it over the pipes.
Via the construction cam, I have been watching work at the bases of three towers.  This picture is from noon yesterday.  Notice the clearing at the northeast tower, the track hoe at the northwest tower, and our friendly orange machine at the southwest tower.
This is a closer view of the southwest corner.  It looks like micropiles have been added to the northeast and southwest corners.
This is going to be a sure foundation. 
I took a picture of the northwest corner today, but it's actually easier to see via the construction cam.  I can't explain the black tubing, but there was a lot of it onsite.
This is the southeast corner.  Maybe it's next in line. 
Daddy Track Hoe was tearing away at the northwest corner.
I watched him from the west side for awhile.  This is the west grout wall.  I don't know why it's exposed, but the I-beams were easy to see today.
There's a new pod in the south lot.  This says to me that another new phase is about to begin.  Let's see, how many new phases have there been so far?
Dump trucks were coming and going again today, always very polite.
And the crane watches over everything.  

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