Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Entrance to Garage Is Underway

From my perch on the Nu Skin garage, I could see the entrance to the underground parking lot being dug from the right of the center of the picture.  An Okland contractor confirmed that's what's happening.  You can see one car in the post office lot on the right.  Usually it's pretty full.  Rumors still abound about the fate of the post office.
A truck driver told me that Nu Skin and the Church are working together on this west lot.  I believe the Church owns the footprint where the former Nu Skin garage stood in the upper right hand side of the photo.  Nu Skin owns the rest.  I believe a large, shared, underground parking garage will be built here, which will continue to the south lot.  See the crane on the left side of this photo?  It is standing on First South.  The new garage entrance is on the right hand side of this picture.  If you are thinking the garage where I'm standing doesn't look finished, you would be correct.  It's in use, and the stairway I'm on is very safe, but thanks for worrying about me.
I took this photo while standing on First West, facing north.  This is how we will enter the underground parking lot.  Someday.
I turned around to take this picture of the truck runway.  This is where the trucks line up to take their turn entering the south lot.
You might have wondered if I ever exaggerate when I talk about the constant stream of trucks entering and exiting.
While I have been known not to let the truth get in the way of a good story, there is no need to exaggerate here.  Often trucks appear in my photos as they come...
and go.
The reason I went to the site today was because the construction cam indicated pipes were being laid in the north lot.  My engineer husband thought it might be a French drain system.
I've actually put in drainage systems in a couple of yards.  I knew there would be holes in the pipes if these were French drains.  And what did my camera find?  Voila!
This explains the gravel I saw on Monday.  There is a black liner involved, too.
On a roll, my camera looked at the green pipes involved in this north lot system and also in the basement.  More French drains!
This cardboard hole with the green rod looks exactly like the micropiles in the basement.  Information from the five articles which came out last week says the engineers are working hard not only to keep the water out of the site, but to keep the pressure from pushing the tabernacle up.  This is one of the purposes of the micropiles.  I know that some of the contractors have come from all over the US to work on this project -- experts in their field. 
This is a view of the northeast lot from the Nu Skin garage.  The green pipe is easy to see there.
This shot came from the construction cam yesterday morning.  After I left the site on Monday, black liner was placed over one of the gravel spots.
Yesterday afternoon the top of the grout wall was trimmed off.  The powder room is standing where the wall used to be.  
I also noticed a dashing new track hoe at the site.
I associate these green rods with the micropiles, so I'm assuming work on that project is continuing at the west end of the basement.
This view from the construction cam today shows a drilling machine in place there, too.
I took a lot of pictures of the basement today.  There are several levels.
I will guess that this is all part of the drainage system.
And it's probably a safe guess.
Here's a glimpse of the pool in the northeast corner, still unresolved.
And here's a good look at the southwest corner.  I think this basement work is called Operation Keep Out Lake Bonneville.
The orange and red rockets are gone from the south and north lots.  This popcorn machine in the west lot is likely supplying the grout for the micropiles. 
It was a beautiful day to walk around the block.  This machine was drilling, not driving piles.
Monday he was drilling up mud.  Today he's just drilling, and he's probably happy about that.
An east barrier wall is topped-off with a white pipe, just like what is along the north lot barrier wall. 
There are two of these culverts on this truck bed.  Mr. Track Hoe eventually lifted them down in the west lot.
This pit along Second South was being dug this morning.
Beautiful day, beautiful site.
And spring in Provo.  It's hard to get better than this!


Linda Manning said...

The cardboard tubes for the micropiles are called sonutube forms, used for concrete forms. The black membrane under the gravel is to separate the gravel from the soil, and prevent cross migration of soils which would increase the chance of soil liquefaction. With the micropiles drilled down to bedrock, the grenn rods is a postive reinforcing attachment to the foundation, therbey aloowing the foundation and slab to span the soils with the micropiles serving both as support and anchors

Esperanza said...

Thank you for the pics of the garage. That was fast!

Julie said...

Comments from the blog readers are so helpful -- thanks to both of you!

Lane Montgomery said...

Rest assured that there are hundreds of non-commenters vs. comment senders who are enjoying your informative and entertaining blog. Keep up the great work.