Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Work in the Basement

I didn't intend to go to the site today, but it was a beautiful day.
Last night's construction cam showed something going on in the basement.  My engineer-husband assured me it was just a water barrier, a liner.  I had to go see for myself.
No surprise that he was right.
He says the next step is a slab on top of that.  We'll see....
While there, I checked out the work in the northeast corner.  This isn't being left alone, but I can't tell what's going on. 
The crane is magnificent.
The operator is a lucky man, is all I can say.  What a job this will be!
The south lot was full of action.
Dump trucks filed in, one after the other, all reporting for duty.
Some were taking orders from Mr. Track Hoe. 
Others rumbled off to the west side.
The construction cam has been showing a nice moat at the southwest corner.  I wondered if someone had come along and filled in the excavation work from Monday. 
In an example of perspective, the excavation well has not changed much. 
There was no hesitation on my part about walking to the west side.  Oh, what a beautiful morning!
That lot is still being cleared.  It's a noisy place, too.
This was a fun trip.  My new goal is to catch the crane in motion.  Maybe next time!


Tanya S. said...

Just wanted to say thanks for having this blog. I live in Washington DC now, but I spend much of my childhood in Provo, and the Tabernacle has a special place in my heart. I love seeing the construction photos.

Thank you!

Linda Manning said...

The foundation work looks like they are using post-tension piling because of the high water table and soils. If you look closely at the red frame, it is centered over a piling to pre-stress the reinforcing cable. Once the slab or foundation concrete is poured, the reinforcing is tightened to "lock" in with the piling and span any voids in subgrade that might occur.

Joseph said...

Wow! What a nice presentation! I enjoyed it very much.