Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lamps, Windows and Doorways

The lamps on the temple grounds have been lit up at night.
Both the north and the south lots have lights.
The south parking lot has these two fancy lamps.
I can only find this one pair.
In this case, form and function are competing.
There is a lot of competition for beauty.
Any direction I chose, I couldn't lose.
Or day.  It all worked.
I took advantage of the early morning hour to look at the windows again.
They are still breathtaking.
Speaking of windows, the pavilion will be surrounded with glass.
I knew from the construction cam that the pavilion was being primed
Apparently it's time for windows, too.
I can't even imagine what this will look like when it's completed.
No one needs to worry about me going to the site early.  I was not alone.  And trust me, this guy was making all kinds of noise.
The track hoe delivered lights to the post office lot.
This was pretty much my dream come true to watch this chain link fence moved.
You've probably seen this machine from the construction cam.
He has already put in a nice curb for the postal employees.
There is a little more work to do along this wall.
Bits of clutter and debris have accumulated behind the jersey barrier over the last year.
Ladders were called in to help with the cleanup.
A curb will be built along this south wall, and then a new asphalt road.
While I was on the west side, I saw some action at the southwest tower entrance.
This new door frame was going in.
These men placed it next to the jamb we saw last week.
I wasn't in the best spot to take pictures of the action.
That didn't stop me from trying.
This all happened very quickly.
A door.  Can I hope that's next?
I noticed wood in the east gable opening.
And caulk.  For sure a window is coming.
Painters primed more fence posts on the north side
If you look closely, you'll see  a man bolting down the bus stop shelter.
The south entrance has concrete instead of forms.
Stairs from the southeast tower on the right are confusing me.
I've never heard of a labyrinth at a temple before.
I am not opposed to this, though.
I watched for awhile to see if that would help my understanding.
Work people were discussing geofoam.
Apparently they needed more.
This block looked heavier in real life than it does in the picture.
The geofoam comes from this huge stash.
The hoard, new since yesterday, was easy to spot.
It seemed to be available to anyone who wanted some.
I'm pretty sure the intent is for us to be able to walk from the beehive gate to the east side.
Another possibility might be the underground route.
I spied sandstone on the lower walls.
There appears to be a beautiful ceiling from the pavilion to the temple entrance.
This certainly won't be a bad option.
Our friend Yuki Dorff took this picture on Sunday.  She not only had good light, but she has such a great vantage point.
From my vantage point this morning, I managed to notice the moon.
Actually, it was hard not to notice.
It was a little tricky finding flowers in the dark, but I know good places.
The Provo City Center Temple does not hold a monopoly on being beautiful in the dark.


Katshrnk said...

These pics are wonderful. I like the night shots.

Easy_Going_Dad said...

You call them Jersey barriers like my wife does. She's from the East Coast. I've heard the term "K-rail" more often in the Western US and California. I'm pretty sure they're exactly the same thing though.

On another note, I see lots of new windows were installed today in the pavilion according to the construction cam. Yay!!

Julie Markham said...

I lived in New Jersey for many years where those barriers were omnipresent. I was actually surprised to learn they were called Jersey barriers in other states.

I am embarrassed to confess that I didn't see that window going in the Pavilion until I got home and started going through my pictures. That's a crop from a much larger photo. I'm anxious to get back to the site and see more of these!