Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Night and Day

I visited the site tonight so we could see the new north gable windows.
This upper window on the north wall has a beehive at the top.
A similar window features the scriptures.
Mr. Engineer-Husband was with me.  We can thank him for help with a tripod, which I rarely use.  He was also helpful with a little balance on a snowy planter edge where I took this photo of the new west gable windows.
This is one of three windows in the temple president's office.
Is it possible that every window is my favorite?
Yuki Dorff took some pictures for us this afternoon.  Notice the landscaping progress in the north lot.
Lots of work is happening in the west garden.
The temple beautifies everything around it.


Elise N Black said...

Simply gorgeous! I live just here in Springville, but don't come to Provo often enough to see the little changes. I've been a follower here for ages, and have yet to thank you for your blog! Photos, and comments are wonderful! Thank you!

Lillian said...

Thanks, as always for the wonderful post and beautiful photos!