Monday, October 27, 2014

Walkways, Driveways and The Pavilion

The crane is going to become an invisible man for Halloween.  As in, adios.
The driveway, however, is going to turn into an entrance.  Maybe not by Halloween, but soon.
So much to see today.
Walkways are appearing in the north lot.  I took this picture from Center Street, facing southeast.
The walkway in the picture above is this walkway running across the bottom of the picture.
This walkway begins at the intersection of Center Street and University Avenue.
A third walkway leads directly from Center Street to the north planter.
My camera spied some posts inside the green construction barrier along University.
When the barrier goes away, the posts will remain.
A new concrete walkway now orbits the large planter in the north lot, seen in this view from Friday's cam.
Windows in the president's office are lit on the right.
The smaller north planter has been holding piles of dirt for quite awhile.
New white trim is now being placed along the gables.
The south gable has soffit and fascia board.
And a gablet! Look at the bolt along the ridge of the gablet.
The bolt, disguised in this picture, is attached to a grounding cable, inside.  The gablets are wood, so they aren't grounded.  But a lightning rod will be attached to the gablets to ground the gables.
The south lot is always busy, and today was no exception.
The fountain has lost his forms, but that doesn't mean he won't receive more concrete.  There are still a few more layers which need to be poured.  The concrete will ultimately be finished with stone.
The south lot has two stairwells.  One can be seen on the left, covered in plastic.  Forms are rising above a new planter between the stairwell and the fountain.
Forms for a second planter rise on the east.
Stairs under the plastic covers are being formed on top of heavy-duty geofoam.  Heat tape will keep ice and snow from freezing on the stairs. 
All of a sudden, the pavilion seems to be coming to life.
We are seeing framing for windows and doors.
There will be three glass doors at ground level: East, north, and on this west side.
Brian Olsen labeled a photo from the construction cam to help us better understand.
There will not be a door on the south side of the pavilion.  Stairs rise from below the pavilion and come up on this side of the elevator shaft, which is in the center of this picture.
The base has been poured for the planter this side of the pavilion.  
The area around the pavilion received the waterproofing membrane today.  The mat which directs the flow of water on top of this layer can be seen across the top portion of this picture.
Geofoam is slowly covering the south lot.
These men moved the geofoam quite easily.  This large block likely weighs about 130 pounds.  Some is lighter, but some of the geofoam blocks, mostly used underground, can weigh up to 500 pounds.
This is a picture of progress:  Scaffolding which came from the steeple tower.
With the scaffolding disappearing, my camera was able to get some good views of the steeple openings.
The tower is painted.  The scaffolding is coming down so windows can be delivered.  I'm told this will happen soon, via a crane we'll be able to see from the cam.  I fear my idea of soon and the crane's idea might be different, but let's hope for the best.
Painters are still at work on the steeple base.
When I saw the steeple this morning from the cam, I tried to visualize art glass.  I smiled, too.  The bright lights on the right aided the concrete pump as it poured walkways on the west side.
The workman on the right is facing one of the new walks.  The little machine and a buddy were working hard, spreading dirt everywhere.  Notice the corral on the left.
The stairs in this emergency stairwell have been poured.  I believe a small building will cover this.
Planters, the pavilion, trim, gablets, so much to see.
And, of course, the sky was gorgeous, too.

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