Sunday, June 8, 2014


Our friend Lee Cowan visited the site this afternoon with his camera.
Fortunately, he's as interested in the pavilion as we are.  He captured this shot of both levels for us.
He studied the steel roof supports so we could study them, too.
My studies don't seem to be telling me what the pulleys are trying to accomplish, though.
Lee's name for this picture was "Chaos of Rebar."  I've been watching the rebar spread via the construction cam
Lee's camera was able to capture the restoration work at the east capstone.
He also took a closeup of the brick restoration at the former northwest entrance.  You are not seeing a door there; you are seeing the jamb along the entry.
With the scaffolding almost complete along the south side, brick restoration will begin there.
The northwest tower roof, shown here, and the northeast roof, are awaiting their finials.
The southwest tower roof, on the right, is ready for slate.
The southeast tower roof seems to be anxiously awaiting some attention.
In truth, the new temple receives a lot of attention.  Lee and his father are writing a book which will be titled "Provo's Two Temples."  It will be published at the time of the temple dedication.
With just eight weeks until the Ogden Temple's open house after its renovation, excitement builds.
The Payson Temple, fifteen miles south, is also nearing completion.
And then it will be our turn.

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Joe Prows III said...

The pulleys in the fourth picture are part of the safety equipment that the workers use - the cable attaches to a harness they wear so if they slip their fall is arrested before they hit the ground. If you look back through previous pictures of locations where there is a fall risk, you may see similar devices in the pictures. I've seen them all over the place on the work site.