Friday, August 2, 2013

South Final Lift Pour

I was happy to catch this final lift pour on the south side. 
You can see the yellow stuff they use to seal the forms.  The concrete is pumped under pressure so the concrete can push tight against the base of the tabernacle shell.
These men were finishing their forms just ahead of the pump.  I watched these two workmen crawl in and around the scaffolding, confirming that their harnesses are necessary.
Concrete was poured at the southwest corner this morning.  The rebar comes up from the foundation and down from the shotcrete inside the shell of the tabernacle, meeting before our eyes.  The two west corner foundations are being finished a little differently than the adjacent walls.
More piers on the north side were removed today.  This is thrilling to me.
At some point this entire foundation will be covered and we won't even think about it again.
If you are counting more piers than holes, remember that some came from the inside.
My engineer-husband asked for this picture.
Mr. Drill Rig worked all day in the south lot.  If you look closely you can see the piles he's placing. 
Or, my camera could zoom in so you don't have to strain your eyes.  These are tension piles which will hold the floor of the underground garage down.
I keep checking on the progress of the southwest tower cap.
Downtown friends of mine have seen this saucer flying around the tabernacle, with the help of Mr. Crane.  It's a template to aid in the construction of bases for the caps.
I happened to catch this glimpse into the basement tonight from the northeast.  The white piers are new, and perhaps they are under the southwest tower.  I'll see what I can learn.


Unknown said...

It's amazing how massive that foundation really is, when you see a worker standing near it. It's all so incredible to me.

Julie Markham said...

You are so right! You actually need to walk around the entire block to get a sense of how big the building really is.

Chad said...

What is the rectangular gap under each window at the point where the new foundation touches the facad? There is a corresponding rectangular ledge with the new foundation under the gap. Will a stone fill that spot?

Julie Markham said...

I haven't wondered about these before. I looked through the pictures on the last post and can see that they are on the north and south sides, right at ground level. I'll zoom in on these spots the next time I'm at the site, Monday or Tuesday. Good question, thanks.

Unknown said...

I just looked at the webcam and saw that the construction workers are laying sewer pipes between the annex and the temple (I don't know my directions, but it's the annex that can be seen from the webcam). I thought that parking was going to be there, but evidently I'm mistaken. Where is the parking going to be? The constructing of this temple is just amazing to me....a work of art and I'm glad that you are doing this blog because it gives meaning to what the construction workers are doing.

Julie Markham said...

These are drainage pipes, not sewer pipes. The annex is in the north lot. The parking is in the south lot. I'll get to the site tomorrow evening I hope and get some pictures.