Friday, August 16, 2013

Aliens In The Tabernacle?

I spied two eyes looking at me from the tabernacle this afternoon.
Mr. Crane was very busy hauling bucket after bucket of concrete inside.
The action today was around an elevator base.
Last night Mr. Crane had a lighter load.  It looks like an inspection of the interior walls.
The squares which used to hold the I-beams are being boarded up.
I bet you are surprised at how big each of these holes is.
Concrete was poured at the base of the east side towers early this morning.  Notice the micropiles which have already been drilled.
You don't have to look too carefully to see the micropiles in this new slab.  I learned that the concrete cylinder will be a sump for drainage.   It's called a vault.  Remember that half of what we are seeing in this picture will eventually be underground.
Mr. Drill Rig has almost finished placing the micropiles, and he rearranged all the furniture in the south lot over the last couple weeks to accomplish this enormous task, all while the track hoes excavated.
He was working hard late this afternoon with not many left to go.  Three cheers!
The west entrance has received some special treatment.  All I know is that it wrecked havoc with taking pictures from the post office lot.
A big pour occurred here a couple nights ago, and already the waterproof membrane is being installed.
I was surprised to see the long lost yellow beam in the south lot.  He crawled out of his hiding place to work on his tan, I guess.
I studied old pictures of the tabernacle to see if I could find a clue about the nails in the last two posts.  No word on that, but I was struck with the beauty of the building.
Restoring this building to its former glory is a massive undertaking.


Esperanza said...

"I bet you are surprised at how big each of these holes is." You can say that again!

This question is extremely premature, but I have been wondering: The flowerbeds will all have a slab of concrete, and then the parking garage, underneath. How will they prevent water pooling in the beds when it rains?

Julie Markham said...

I was surprised at how big the holes are!

There will be a nice layer of dirt above the parking garage -- several feet. Tremendous planning has gone into drainage. But when they get that far, I'll make sure to watch closely.

The Cannon Family said...

It's been my experience that flower beds tend to have their own drainage anyway, anything from a few holes at the base to complex systems of french drains or trenches. In addition the church has a lot of experience with this type of work, a fair bit of temple square has parking or temple under it, and a bunch of buildings on BYU campus are the same way.

dSquared said...

I was wondering if you knew why the jail bars are still not filled in yet? Seems odd to me.

Julie Markham said...

I take pictures of those barred openings every time I go. I will ask if I get a chance.