Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pioneer Day at the Tabernacle

Pigeons had already claimed the best viewing spots for the 5K Run when I arrived.
The morning was overcast -- perfect for runners.
While waiting for everyone to arrive, I walked around the site. My heart sank when I saw the southwest tower.
Perhaps it looks a little better from this side.
This is the other tower at the work station.  It seems to be doing OK.
These two towers on the northeast part of the upper lot have been repaired and are waiting for shingles.  I don't know how long the wait will be.
I was anxious to see the tabernacle resting on a firm foundation, and I could see it today now that the forms have been removed.  Just this portion of the building has received the final lift pour.
It's easy to see how the concrete was poured around the I-beams so they can be pulled out.
I caught this glimpse into the basement from the northeast.
This peek came from the southeast.  Once the piers are cut away, another slab will be poured.  That's why there are still lotus plants down there.
My camera zoomed in through the lower level south entrance and caught this view to the east.  At a future time, the baptismal font will be in this area.
Because of the Pioneer Day holiday, only the ladders were at work.
A concrete pump was at the site most of yesterday.  More fill was poured on the north side, making a nice working area.
Fill was poured on the west side, between the two porches where the splatter is on the black membrane.
A third slab was poured on the west side, north of the crane.
The moat on the south side is gone.
The tabernacle used to be 40 feet in the air.  With the new fill, it's been reduced to 20 feet.
I used to number things I said frequently to my children, saying the number instead of the oft-repeated phrase.  I'm thinking it's about time I numbered, "The south lot is still being excavated."
Perhaps in the last few months you've become accustomed to the piers, but I'm ready for them to go.  
Soon, I've been told.  Soon. 
I spent some time at the courthouse.  The first of 5000 runners crossed the finish line in under 14 minutes.
There were heroes in this race.
Lots of heroes.
Watching other people run is inspiring.
Racers of all kinds reached the finish line.
Some were barefoot, but most were not.
Not all were human.
There were a lot of scooters.
And many adorable babies! 
My favorites were the pioneers, of course.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are wonderful. You can feel the excitement and enthusiasm everyone has for this new (old) temple and also the love.
So great to glimpse this slice of life going on so far away. Thank you so much. Lynn

David said...

This is wonderful! This will be a great event for years to come.

Quick question: you may have said this before, but I can't recall the answer--what is going to be placed under the east side of the tabernacle staircase columns? I can't imagine that this part of the structure will just say upright without any support under them. When they cut out the pillars for the rest of the building, I suspect that these pillars will most likely stay for a while, correct?

Julie Markham said...

I asked that question a few months ago, and was told that all the piers will go. The below-ground portion of the towers will be storage. I will make sure my camera watches closely.

David said...

how will the towers not crumble and topple over without a foundation to hold them up?

Julie Markham said...

There will be a foundation of some sort for these towers. I'm fuzzy on the details because I didn't quite understand the technical explanation. It's time for me to ask again since they are getting so close.