Thursday, April 4, 2013

Big Wow! Big Crane!

I was thrilled and surprised when I arrived at the temple site today --  there are, not one, but two cranes!
The white crane is on the base we watched being built on the north lot.  The black crane is facilitating that effort.  I used my handy-dandy camera to see how the workers were doing.
At first I thought there were two men, but my camera found three.
Later I found a fourth in this box.
I love the name of the company!
University Avenue was blocked off near the tabernacle for obvious reasons.
Another part of the crane was in the north lot.  I hung around for an hour hoping to see these parts raised, but finally I had to leave.
I'm hoping Mr. Crane is glad for the help and not feeling sad and neglected.
Since the street was blocked, I had a harder time spying into the basement.
A thin layer of dirt was being spread in the northwest corner.
This view from the southwest shows a small front-end loader at work.
Mr. Track Hoe was bringing in scoops of dirt from this pile in the south lot.
If you look carefully in the lower right-hand corner of the photo, you can see a dirt pile.
I tried to zoom in, but my camera was hanging over the fence and kind of guessing where to aim.
I walked south along the tabernacle property.  Dirt is being removed.  That's about all I can say, and I probably didn't need to say that.
These piles of wood are new.   My guesses are useless.  We'll hopefully know what this is for soon.
There's a small pile of gravel in the southeast corner.  Look at the stone blocks behind the woman walking in the upper right-hand corner.
I think these were found during the excavation of the south lot.  I'd love to know more.
I'm still very curious about the action in the north lot.  This view is from the construction camera on the NuSkin building.  I can see the grout barrier on the north and west sides.  The truck from Bigge Tower Crane is making an appearance on the left side of this picture.  I don't think the standing water is from rain.  I can't even guess.
I zoomed in to get a better look.  Be careful -- the construction camera is addicting.  
This view of the north lot is from the southeast. 
This view of the north lot is from the southwest.  I believe the white pipe with the black top is a well.  The green machine is a pump.  It used to be next to the three pools on the south just two weeks ago.
And here is Mr. Red Ladder, still functioning as the north lot exit. 
I zoomed in to see if his footings were still precarious; maybe precarious is in the eye of the beholder.  I can see a sledgehammer and perhaps a few picks indicating some hard work is going on.
There is still a lot of action in the west lot where the NuSkin garage used to be. Lots of these tandem trucks were going in and out as they excavated the west lot.
I'm starting to like these trucks a lot.  Sometimes they honk and their drivers wave -- always a thrill!
There were a lot of trucks to wave at today.
Daddy Track Hoe was working hard and didn't notice me at all.
I walked along Second West on my way back to my car which was parked on Center Street.  There is actually a lot of work, a lot of workmen, and a lot of noise.  And don't forget about the three guys hanging up there in the left hand corner.
I counted five cranes between the two construction projects.
I am enjoying the construction, but you can see that this part of downtown will be very beautiful when it's completed.
 I feel a need to clear something up. A source I consider to be extremely reliable told me that Jacobsen wants to make it safe and easy for people to watch the work.  However, today there is a large wall on the west side.  This barrier was not placed at the request of Jacobsen, but by the Post Office.  It didn't appear to be stopping anyone from looking, though.  Once again, I was not the only onlooker today on the west or the east sides.
And one more thing:  spring has officially arrived in Provo!


Adam said...

Thanks for posting these great pictures! I grew up with the tabernacle but I'm living in Texas now and appreciate being able to follow the progress through your blog. Great work!

Chad said...

I noticed the color of the crane – white and blue – and thought it was appropriate for something that would hover over the temple. In Judaism, the Tzitzit, or undergarment often is commanded in Numbers 15:38 to include blue strands with the other tassels placed in the four corners of the garment marked with squares. The strands and knots of the tassels represent the commandments of the Mosaic law, and the protection/blessings of keeping the law.

From Wikipedia, “The blue color of the strands resemble the ocean, which in turn resemble the sky, which in turn is said to resemble God's holy throne - thus reminding all of the divine mission to fulfill His commandments.”

The undergarment isn’t regularly warn today, so the Tallit, or prayer shawl, more commonly has blue stripes to remind the wearer of the tzitzit. (From

Matthew 9:20-22 and Matthew 14:34-36 record healings where people would touch the strands of Christ’s tzitzit.

I know it’s just a coincidence, but the color of the crane is perfect for temple-building.

David and Kris Taylor said...
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Julie Markham said...
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