Friday, April 26, 2013

Aerial Pile Driver and the Northeast Corner

This handy-dandy aerial pile driver was at work over the north lot when I arrived at the site.
This view from the construction cam was what prompted me to go.  I captured it at 10:30 and then decided I need to see for myself what was happening.  I've been watching the northeast corner and was happy it was getting some attention.
My peek-through spot was crowded with interested onlookers who pointed things out as I looked through my camera.  The generator in the center of the photo powered the pile driver.  Notice the two I-beams on the right.  The crane was working to get one in his grips.  Also, notice that the French drain system is progressing.
A front-end loader helped the pile driver grab the I-beam.
It took a few minutes, but soon the I-beam was captured--
and in the air!
I'm not sure how this pile driver works, but for sure it was just as noisy as the other pile drivers on the site, and it worked just as fast.
The workmen in the muddy pit did not stand idly by, either.
This all happened in the space of just a couple minutes.
From the west side, I decided to zoom through the basement piers and take a picture of the new I-beams.  
But when I got home, I could see a whole row of I-beams.  Someone help me -- where did these come from?  My engineer-husband, who would be able to figure this out, is at Chris's graduation, so I can't ask him until later.  
The construction cam is having difficulties as I'm posting this blog.  This close-up was captured from the 11 am photo.  I'm not seeing a long row of I-beams here or anywhere along the north side.  I'll look harder the next time I'm at the site.
Work on the east wall of the south lot is progressing.
I watched a very busy fork lift for a few minutes.  He dodged trucks and workmen like a kid leaving a candy store.
These I-beams are new along the end of the south lot.  Much of this lot has been excavated several feet down.
I watched this pit being dug earlier in the week. The excavated pipe is likely the remnant of a utility conduit.  Many things are a mystery to me, so I asked Provo City if any of the construction plans were available to the public.  They cheerfully gave me the landscaping plans for the temple grounds.  I can see that an entrance to a few parking spaces at the end of the south lot will be at this location.  I'll study the plans and include information that might be useful later.  
Work continues in the basement.  I'm ready for the next step, whatever that is. 
This yellow beam seems to move a little bit each time I see him.  I think he's trying to sneak away.
And barrier walls are being placed along the west entrance to the parking garage.  An Okland contractor invited me to park in the new Nu Skin garage the next time I visited.  I just might! 

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cundupa said...

The aerial pile driver is a vibro. The generator is actually a hydraulic power unit that runs the vibro.