Friday, January 23, 2015

Stones and Fence Posts

There was a lot to see today, not to mention it was a gorgeous winter day.
The fence posts are multiplying.
The row of posts in the picture above now continues south.
They surround the west garden, too.
Yuki Dorff captured this interesting picture today of the zigzag of posts.
Along with the new posts is new stone.
Master masons are working hard installing the quartzitic sandstone.
The stone work is going well, but the mortar needs something warmer than this morning's 30 degrees.
I saw stone all over the site, including this new delivery on Second South.
This same stone lines the watercourse around the base of the temple.
You are just going to have to trust me on that, since right now it is completely out of sight.
On Wednesday the concrete pump poured walls associated with the west side ramp.
This morning the pump poured a section of the driveway.  This is happening in stages.
Concrete bases for posts are visible this side of the south planter.
I looked for signs of spring and came up empty, until I saw wire tomato cages near the pavilion.
Mr. Engineer-Husband assures me I am a little ahead of the game.
I know spring is two months out, but hope springs eternal.
The fountain looked back at me today.
Plumbing is a good sign.
Someone definitely has a plan for the small parking lot in this area.
The temple itself was very quiet this morning.  I did not hear hammers or even voices. 
I did catch a glimpse of repointed brick and new fascia boards.
The copper gutters are developing a beautiful, dark patina.
Work continues on the steeple base.  I did not realize until I got home that my camera had captured copper trim around the drains from the deck.
The drains seem to be complete on all four sides, but the roof is in various stages. 
I'm sure you agree that this looks better than the rubber hoses we were seeing.
I did spy an interesting gadget at the base of the southeast tower.  The purpose of the white sheeting is to keep the exterior warm, and this little guy is providing the warmth.
I happened upon this section of interior trim at the east entrance.  There used to be large openings on this side, but the entire temple is now completely enclosed.
I solved a little mystery this morning.  I'm almost embarrassed to tell you about it. During my last few visits, I had noticed these horizontal green poles near the north garden.
Today as I got out of my car, I stepped around this sign and realized what the green poles are.  Go back to the earlier picture, and you will even see signs on the poles.  As construction work along University has pushed past the sidewalk in some places, these poles have been removed.
The temple is beautiful, even in a white coat.
I will be very happy when the coat is gone, however.
Until then, there is always something new to see.


Mike Hugo said...

The device you are showing is a heater. You can see other examples of them by googling Propane Construction Heater.

If you look at the picture, you can see a black hose that appears to be going to a propane tank on the right side of the picture. The heater will probably also have a power cord used for the fan portion of the heater used to distribute the heat more than promote drying.

These are great heaters that really make construction sites much more comfortable.

Julie said...

Thanks, Mike. I'm going to edit that caption. I wasn't sure it was a heater because I couldn't see the propane tank.

JayBingham said...

It is easy to see how you could miss the propane tank in the picture of the heater because you were probably looking for an all white tank of the 20 lb variety that are used on grills and such. This one is kind of rusty and is leaning into the photo on the right edge, kind of like it is photobombing, and is much larger, probably holding as much as 8 to 10 times the propane as the small 20 lb canisters hold.
The electrical cord is also visible in the photo but is also a little hard to recognize as it is mostly in shadow and only a short section is visible. It attaches to the back of the base in the lower left corner and runs of in the direction of the tank before being hidden by the mound of dirt.

Julie said...

Once you point this stuff out for me, it's all easy to see. Now I wish I'd mentioned the green post issue on the blog. That little mystery lasted for a couple of weeks.

Jeff Miller said...

Hey Julie! I'm sure that you have seen personalized photo books that people have had professionally printed. I just found out today that you can actually have your blog printed into a book. For instance, there is a website: that will transfer over your completed blog (when the temple is completely done), and will enable you to do some minor customization and then have the book printed. The great part is that it can print up to 440 pages, so I'm sure that your entire blog of this amazing transformation could be printed into a book....very very easily. AND the great part is that once the book is published and printed from their website, you can give your readers a link to print their own copy of your blog and pay for it on their own. I LOVE the exact way that you have written each blog post, and I think it would be a shame for it all to simply remain online. Would you perhaps be willing to use an online book website like to convert your blog into a book that we can all print when the Temple has been completed? I seriously think that with the software that they use on the website that importing your completed blog into the software and printing it as a book will be easy. I'd even be willing to help you out with this! :). If you want to learn more about it, do a Google Search of "Blog to Book" and go to the link for the website. I looked at other websites, but this one looks like it produces the best product in the end. They even work directly with Blogger to convert the blog into a book. Just wanted to pass this info on! Hopefully this excites you and you want to make this into a book for you and your own posterity and the rest of us! Have a wonderful weekend!

Julie said...

This terrifies me! But I will look into it. Lee and Richard Cowan are working on a book with a lot of pictures, and that is my default answer when anyone asks about a book. I'll let you know what I decide.

Jeff Miller said...

Not to be too nosy, but what terrifies you about having your blog converted into a book? Just the amount of work that it would be? I think you will be more at ease with the idea if you go to their website:( It should answer some of the questions/concerns that you have. It sounds like it could be really easy to have it converted into a book. You can even pick and choose which posts to include in the final book, etc. No pressure though. I respect your judgment! I think that we have just all LOVED watching you faithfully follow this transformation and would LOVE to have a lasting record of the history that you are capturing. I think you would be wonderfully surprised at how easy the technology is to print a photo book. Its great that there are companies that will allow you to print a blog. My wife prints a photo book/scrapbook for our family each year and it is awesome! Plus, with being able to share the link to your completed book, so people can print their own copies, it makes it easier on your part. It also gives you the option to set your own price on the book and then you get to keep the profits. Thanks for all of the time and energy that you have put into this project!

Julie said...

There are several reasons for my hesitation. First, it's one thing to have a virtual blog which I can edit and fix mistakes, and another to have a tangible book. Second, I spend a tremendous amount of time doing family history research. My focus is that and this is a very high priority for me. But third, and probably the biggest reason, I am certain the book Dr. Cowan and his son are writing will be excellent. Dr. Cowan is an expert on temples and he has the support of BYU in writing this book. They are documenting the entire process of this new temple construction and are even going to use a few of my pictures. There won't be escapades of red ladders, but I believe their concept will be the kind of book which will stand the test of time. Having said all of that, thank you very much for your kind words. I did go to the website you recommended and poked around. I am determined to keep putting up posts until the temple is completed, but my heart isn't in a book. However, I have learned never to say never.

Easy_Going_Dad said...

When the white plastic comes down (which I imagine will be synonymous with the scaffolding coming down) It will be like unwrapping a Christmas present. It will be a beautiful, complete, unobstructed temple exterior. Of course, once that happens, I suppose the blog will just have to focus on the landscaping portion of the temple progress.

Easy_Going_Dad said...

Also. I'm hoping the mild winter we've been having is helping the progress stay on-par or even ahead of schedule, and possibly give us a 2015 open house.

Julie said...

Yes, I'm doing the best I can until we can see the temple again. But you are right -- when the white plastic comes down, the scaffolding will come down with it, or so I've been told. Then there will be a lot to see, like that Holiness to the Lord stone on the east side. That's been hidden for months.

Julie said...

A 2015 open house would be wonderful!

Shawn said...

I love following your blog. Can't wait for future photos of the gardens and fountain installations.

Jeff Brimley said...

Could you point me in the direction of the individual who could tell me what colors were used on the original tabernacle, especially the central tower?
I'm working on an oil painting that will include both tabernacles and I need to know more about the colors used on them.

Julie said...

It's going to take me some time to answer this. Jeff, send me an email at newtempleinprovo @

Chad said...

I just noticed watching the cam that the tents near the gazebo have jumped around a little. They were in the planters and now mostly on the sidewalk. Any idea what they were doing in the planters or what they are doing on the side walk? Thanks!

Julie said...

I can't make sense of the tents, either. There are more in the north lot which you can't see from the cam, and they move all over the place, too. I have not ruled out the possibility that someone is messing with us.