Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Number Eleven, A New Stone, and The Watercourse

I needed some help at the site today.  In addition to my camera, who always comes with me, my umbrella tagged along.  Rain is always welcome in Provo.
An eagle-eyed reader told me a picture in my last post showed the watercourse along the north face.  I wasn't sure how I was going to see it this morning with all the stuff in the way.
The water course, if you remember, is a course of stone around a building along the ground.  It's an architectural style, but think of it as the stone which would hopefully protect a structure from a rising water table.  The water course around the mechanical building on the right is easily visible.  The projecting course of stone at the top of this level is called a water table course and would, in theory, protect lower stones from water running off the top of the building.  This course is also an architectural design.
My camera persevered and finally spotted the water course.  This section is near the northeast tower, on the left.  The stone is quartzitic sandstone and is at what will eventually be ground level.
Another section of the water course is near the brides' room skylight, which is on the right.
Each time I visit the site, I try to peek inside these arches under the north gable.
I was not the only one checking out the new trim on the northeast tower.
The entire north lot is undergoing a transformation.  This lovely tree has been preserved through all the construction.  The new planter is just past the tree.  The temple is off the right side of this photo.
I was curious about the white stuff showing up on the far right in the view from the construction cam.
Geofoam!  There was so much that I could barely see the new planters.
Unobscured was niche number 11!
I moved farther south and checked out the fountain.  No need for it to be splashing water today.  Behind the fountain is the Utah County Courthouse.  Its steps are undergoing construction, which is important to know only if you want to use them.
I couldn't see any work on a water course on the south side.  I did notice a committee meeting of some kind at the base of the southwest tower.
I'm hoping this will be niche number 12 the next time I visit.
Just to finish the tutorial on stone, the sandstone running across the center of the photo is called a belt course.
Workmen are putting a roof on the pavilion.
This morning the concrete pump poured more of the garage roof deck.
The work at this south end seems to be moving at a fast pace.  The east wall of the driveway from Second South has been poured.  It's on the left of this photo.
There's not much of a driveway yet, but it will come along.
I could say this is all that's left, but it's still a lot.
Another section of the most southern wall, along the left, was also poured this week.  From this point I hurried north along University Avenue to the courthouse.
I was pretty surprised.
I was also appreciative of someone in authority who allowed me to take these pictures from the courthouse steps.
No bribery was necessary.

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Well Worth the effort! A Fantastic Set!